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The Mt. Claret

Mountain SPRING 2016



Annual Fund 2016 The


Mt.Claret for

Our annual fund for Mt. Claret will begin in April and is a significant part of our annual income. It is essential for our support of our ministries. Because of your past generosity we have been able to continue to scholarship on a case by case basis some of the ministries who need help. Also, your gifts have enabled us to complete some amazing special projects throughout our campus – take a look at how your support has impacted Mt. Claret!

Thanks to last year’s successful Annual Fund campaign, we were able to maintain the beautiful buildings and grounds that are Mt. Claret. Some of the improvements include: new Chapel landscaping and vestments, new flooring, paint and chandeliers in the main lobby, upgraded Chapel pews, exterior lighting, a new kitchenette in the upstairs meeting room area, upgrades to two apartments and ongoing roof maintenance. Thank you for your continued support!


of their interest and suggested they contact Emily. Emily had a group of friends in Phoenix and they met with Kathleen, who had recently moved to the area, and JoAnn who was a “snowbird” in Phoenix. With the helpful advice of these seasoned members and organizers, the Phoenix Chapter was formed.

What does the Christ Child Society do and who do they serve? The Christ Child Society of Phoenix, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is one of 40 Chapters in the United States. Locally, over 200 dedicated volunteers address the needs of underserved children in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Nationally, the Christ Child Society have served children for over 125 years with a membership of over 6,000. Addressing the needs of homeless children and infants in crisis, Phoenix members assist children regardless of race, color, or creed. It is the belief of the members that children should not have to worry about the simplest of life’s necessities. They joyfully:

· Distribute over 1,000 layettes to newborn infants · Distribute Bed Time Bags and Teddy Bears to children in crisis · Promote the love of reading to grade school children · Aid the Phoenix Fire Department who provide life saving immunizations against childhood diseases to underserved children · Distribute Comfort Quilts to children who are ill and suffering · Award Scholarships to qualified 8th graders for high school tuition The Christ Child Society of Phoenix is one of Mt. Claret’s long time “tenants.” Their history dates back to their formation around 1985. Their presence at Mt. Claret can be traced to Msgr. John McMahon who was their spiritual advisor. Msgr McMahon invited the Christ Child Society to Mt. Claret when their needs for a workspace outgrew their accommodations. Now the chapter has a large work and meeting space that is a center of activity for the chapter!

The Phoenix Chapter of the Christ Child Society was officially founded in 1985, was chartered in 1988, and incorporated in 1992. In 1984, Emily Byrne was contacted by her friend Natalie Brown about starting a Phoenix Chapter of the Christ Child Society. Kathleen Henes and JoAnn Donnelly had been members of the Detroit Christ Child Chapter and were friends. JoAnn had also helped organize the Harbor Springs Chapter, where she spent her summers. National heard

· Provided “Love Blankets” to B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) for distribution to abused children · Provide Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes to families in need

For more information about the Christ Child Society of Phoenix, or for ways that you can help support their mission please visit their website at:

ChristChildSocietyPhoenix.org Or call 602.840.5066, ext. 14

The Cursillo Movement

The Cursillo Movement of Phoenix has a long history at Mt. Claret. In fact, the Cursillo Movement is really why Mt. Claret formed as a retreat center over 53 years ago! Cursillos first appeared in Spain in 1944. A layman named Eduardo Bonnín participated in the early years of the “short courses” in Majorca and helped develop the cursillos to the point that it became an active renewal movement in the Church. In 1957, the movement had spread to North America, when the first American cursillo was held in Waco, Texas. In 1959, the Cursillo spread throughout Texas and to Phoenix, Arizona. In August of that year the first national convention of spiritual directors was held, and Ultreya Magazine began publication. In 1960, the growth of the Cursillo quickened in the Southwest, and weekends were held for the first time in the East in New York City and Lorain, Ohio. Until 1961, all weekends were held in Spanish. That year the first

English-speaking weekend was held in San Angelo, Texas. Also in 1961, first weekends were held in San Francisco, California; Gary, Indiana; Lansing, Michigan; Guaynabo, Puerto Rico; and Gallup, New Mexico. In 1962, the Cursillo Movement expanded further throughout the United States. The movement spread rapidly with the early centers carrying the Cursillo to nearby dioceses. By 1981, almost all of the 160 dioceses in the United States had introduced the Cursillo Movement. The Cursillo Movement in the United States was organized on a national basis in 1965. A National Secretariat was formed and the National Cursillo Office (currently in Jarrell, Texas) was established. Today, Cursillo is a worldwide movement with centers in countries throughout the world. The movement is recognized by the

Pope as member of the International Catholic Organizations of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in Rome. In 1980, the Cursillo Movement established a worldwide international office. In the Cursillo movement, being “in colors” is to be in God’s grace. For that reason, Cursillo participants (cursillistas) greet each other with the phrase “De Colores” (in Colors). A story from the early days of the movement in Spain tells of an occasion where a group of men were returning from a Cursillo weekend when their bus broke down. They began to sing De Colores, a traditional folk song. The use of the song in Cursillo took hold, and has held up as the movement has spread outside the Spanish-speaking world and to other denominations. The use of a multi-colored rooster as a symbol for the Cursillo movement is

movement in the United States is Rev. Alex Waraksa from the Diocese of Knoxville, TN. Today the Cursillo Movement of Phoenix continues to serve our Diocese in a very important way. The Movement is currently experiencing some growing pains and is working closely with The National Cursillo Organization to get themselves in alignment with the norms of the Movement. As a result, some of the Cursillo Movement activities, meetings, and retreat weekends that are held at Mt. Claret have been temporarily suspended. Mt. Claret is very committed to supporting the Cursillo Movement through this difficult time and we will continue to pray for and support them to the best of our abilities. We would ask for the gift of your prayers and support as well.

Cursillos in Christianity is a Movement which, by its own Method, attempts from within the Church, to give life to the essential Christian truths in the singularity, originality and creativity of the person. In discovering their potential and accepting their limitations, they will direct their freedom with their conviction, reinforce their will with decisiveness and direct their friendship with the virtue of constancy in their day-to-day life, personally and with others.

— www.natl-cursillo.org

believed to have originated from one of the verses of that song. The Cursillo is supported by the Roman Catholic Church. It is joined to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops through an official liaison in the person of Bishop Emeritus Carlos A. Sevilla S.J. from the Diocese of Yakima, and through the Bishops’ Secretariat for the Laity in Washington, D.C. The spiritual advisor for the

The Cursillo Movement had a profound impact on Msgr. John McMahon, when he did his Cursillo in 1965. He became deeply involved in supporting the Movement by saying Mass, hearing Confession and giving talks in each weekend that he was available. We are sure Msgr. McMahon is acting as an intercessor for the Movement in his heavenly “Casita!” Cursillo is a registered trademark of the National Cursillo Center

Mt. Claret Retreat Center

Easter Liturgy Schedule The Crosier Fathers and Brothers will once again lead the Easter Triduum Liturgies at Mt. Claret during Holy week. Please join us for all of these holy celebrations during the holiest week of all. Please see the schedule below for Mass times.

All are Welcome Holy Thursday, March 24

9:00 AM – Morning Prayer (with Lamentations) 7:00 PM – Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Good Friday, March 25 9:00 AM – Morning Prayer (with Lamentations) 3:00 PM – Passion of the Lord 4:15 PM – Way of the Cross

Holy Saturday, March 26 9:00 AM – Morning Prayer (with Lamentations) 8:00 PM – Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday, March 27 7:30 AM – Morning Prayer 8:00 AM – Easter Mass

Mt. Claret Advisory Council creates 3 year Pastoral Plan Members of Mt. Claret’s Advisory Council met for a two day planning exercise to create a 3 year pastoral (strategic) plan for the retreat center. The Advisory Council was led through

Each goal has an assigned member of the Advisory Council who is assigned the task of working through the goal and its objectives along with Mt. Claret staff.

GOAL 1 Strengthen Development/Fundraising Objective 1 - By November 1, 2016, develop and present recommendations on ways to strengthen development and fundraising.

GOAL 2 Increase Financial Stability Objective 1 - By September 15, 2016 develop and present recommendations on ways to become financially stable.

GOAL 3 Recruit Retired Priests Objective 1 - By October 1, 2016 develop and present recommendations on ways to enlist priests for service at Mt. Claret and possible residence.

GOAL 4 Implement Facility Master Plan/IT Objective 1 - By April 1, 2017 develop and present recommendations on priority/schedule of proposed projects. Objective 2 - By December 1, 2016 develop and present recommendations on how to add to the IT infrastructure. this process by Caryn Meron who formerly worked for the Diocese as Director of Planning and Training. Caryn is uniquely gifted in leading organizations through these exercises and ensures a positive outcome! For Mt. Claret’s exercise, the Advisory Council finalized four key goals, as listed above.

Many thanks to Joe Stegmayer, Mary Jones, Roger and Rosanna Molieri, Andy Niebling, Brendan Wells, and Jim Willson for their time and commitment for creating this important document. We will provide updates on our progress with the Pastoral plan.

Should You Make A Charitable Contribution From Your

IRA? e

Good news for taxpayers over the age of 70 1/2. Congress has voted to make permanent the exclusion from income of up to $100,000 per person, per year, for Individual Retirement Account (IRA) distributions which are given directly to charities. This law will end the uncertainty which has existed for the past several years when taxpayers were trying to decide whether to direct their IRA distributions to charity. Congress generally did not get around to extending the expired tax legislation known as “extenders” until very late in the year. One year the extenders were not passed until the January of the subsequent year and were applied retroactively. Now that you are able to plan for charitable contributions from IRAs, is this something you should be doing? Basic Requirements One of the key benefits of the direct charitable contribution from your IRA is that the distribution counts towards your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). You can contribute more than your RMD to charity as long as you do not exceed $100,000 in a calendar


year. The gift can satisfy a pledge that you have made. However you may not receive anything (other than an intangible religious benefit) from the charity as a quid pro quo for your contribution. The charity must provide you an acknowledgement stating the amount of the charitable distribution and that no goods, services, or benefits of any kind were or will be provided to you in consideration for the distribution from the IRA. Also, the contribution cannot go to a donoradvised fund, supporting organization, or private foundation. Finally, you cannot make the charitable IRA distribution from Simplified Employee Plans (SEPs) and Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE plans) if an employer contribution is made for that year. Please consider remembering Mt. Claret in your financial planning. You can direct your gift to a specific designation, general operations, Endowment funds (Msgr. John McMahon Endowment Fund for Mt. Claret) or to capital project (Christ Child Shrine project). Thank you for your support of Mt. Claret!!


to Our Upcoming Retreat Groups The following is a list of retreat ministries with scheduled events planned at Mt. Claret. Mt Claret continues to serve the Diocese by being available to parishes, schools and Catholic ministries who desire to experience their faith more deeply. Mt. Claret is committed in our mission to serve the faithful of the Diocese of Phoenix. We make sure that all groups that seek time at Mt. Claret are accommodated. Please pray for the organizers and attendees of these planned retreats and that they find peace and renewed faith as they experience the Lord at Mt. Claret.

• ACTS • Arcadia Camelback Tour • Arizona Right To Life • Benedictine Oblates • Blessed Sacrament Parish • Bourgade Kairos • Carmelite Sisters • Catholic Association of Latin Leaders • Catholic Cemeteries • Catholic Community Foundation • Catholic Diocese of Phoenix • Catholic Engaged Encounter • Catholic Seminarians • Catholic Singles Community • Christ Child Society • Cursillo Movement • Encuentro Con Jesus • Great Hearts Academy • Maggie’s Place • Order of Malta • Our Lady of Assumption • Queen of Peace Parish • Rachel’s Vineyard • Send Me On Vacation • Serra Club • Servants of the Lord Sisters • Seton Catholic Preparatory • St. Agnes School • St. Anne Parish • St. Mary’s High School • St. Paul Parish • St. Thomas the Apostle School • Xavier College Preparatory

Plan your next meeting or retreat at Mt. Claret! At the base of Camelback Mountain, Mt. Claret Retreat Center provides a true sanctuary where the faithful can step away and attend to the only necessary thing: time spent with the Lord.

• Conference and meeting rooms for groups of 2 - 300 people • Secure and safe dormitories for all age groups • Private rooms available • Chapel • Kitchen • Gift Shop • and much more!

Call today!

4633 N. 54th Street • Phoenix, AZ 85018

602.840.5066 • Mt.Claret.org

— 1 Peter 1:3

Christ from the dead...

hope through the resurrection of Jesus

he has given us new birth into a living

Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy

Praise be to the God and Father of our C E N T E R

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