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Ministry Partnership Program at Denver Seminary OPPORTUNITY: Student Ministries Resident LOCATION: Mountain View Church, Glenwood Springs, CO ABOUT: The candidate would be expected to move to Glenwood Springs and continue or finish their graduate work at Denver Seminary. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone that wants to finish their last year online and transition into occupational ministry. This church is led by a Denver Seminary graduate with experience mentoring and developing leaders. QUALIFICATIONS: Vital relationship with Jesus, and a passion for His gospel. Demonstrated heart for students. A team player. We are looking for a leader – one who has demonstrated at some level the spiritual gift of leadership We are looking for a teacher – someone who values the authority of God's Word, and who is learning to communicate clearly, confidently, and in a compelling manner the truths of Scripture in large and small group settings. We are looking for someone with characteristics similar to those of a church planter. We’re looking for someone who has the wiring to establish a ministry from scratch. There is currently very little happening with consistency with our student ministries. College graduate – preferably with some formal training in student ministry . Hearty agreement with our affirmation of faith, and evangelical in theological perspective. The candidate will reflect the biblical profile of a church overseer (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-7). The candidate will display evidence that they are faithful, available, and teachable. EXPECTATIONS: Full-time service. Participate in weekly staff meeting. Twice monthly meeting with the Interim Lead Pastor for update, accountability, and mentoring. Participation in an Evaluation Process. Reports to the Interim Lead Pastor Leads and coaches the student ministry adult volunteer team Makes presentations or reports to the Elders at the request of the Elders TUITION CONSIDERATION:

Full time salary – varies based on experience Up to $4,000 per year toward tuition 10% tuition discount Housing provided (information available after receipt of resume and application)


Internship Description: The Student Ministries Intern shares our resolve to follow Jesus in making disciples and orienting life and mission around His gospel. The Student Ministries Intern is expected to partner with other adults in shepherding Middle School and High School students. At Mountain View, we want to CONNECT with students and lead them to Jesus and His new community, EQUIP students with relevant and faithful teaching drawn from Scripture in the context of relational ministry, so that they might SERVE fruitfully in the church and in the world. Our longing is to treat students as a vital and integral part of the church today, with an aim to cultivate Christ-centered community among these High School and Middle School students. This will result in: • Students being regularly pointed to Jesus and encouraged to orient life around His gospel • Students growing in their familiarity with the Bible and its central message of redeeming love and amazing grace in and through Jesus • Students being exposed to an environment of loving acceptance where every student will be loved and invited into community • Students being contacted personally in places and settings where they are significantly engaged – at home, and at school, and in the valley (concerts, plays, lunches, sporting events, etc) • Students being prayed for by name THIS WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED BY: • Planning and overseeing a weekly mid-week gathering for Middle School students, and planning and overseeing a weekly mid-week gathering for High School students. • Planning and overseeing a Sunday educational hour for both Jr. High and Sr. High. • Designing activities and retreats aimed at strategic objectives. • In partnership with the Interim Pastor, facilitate ongoing training for adult volunteer leaders.

TO APPLY: To receive internship application, send resume and cover letter to: Pastor Tim Haugen Interim Pastor Mountain View Church Glenwood Springs, CO [email protected]

DEFINITION OF THE PROGRAM: In contrast to the Ministry Residency Program, this program is under the Ministry Partnership Program. This is considered a job and the candidate will be an employee of the church.