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Antelope Racing Team present a

Team Time Trial 3-up over a distance of 50 km Event sponsored by Cobham Antenna Systems Incorporated within this Open Event is the BUCS Championships Two laps of a flattish circuit just south of Aylesbury, Bucks. It all takes place from 2:00 pm on Saturday 18th April 2009.

Last year we had over £1000 in prizes, and 75 teams of three. You give me the entries, and I’ll give you the prizes!

An ideal try-out for the National Championship TTT, or just a bit of fun with your mates ! Using normal paper entry forms is fine, but I’d encourage you to enter & pay online. Just email your completed form to ral[email protected] and pay by Paypal. Done! (see below for details)

Organiser : Ralph Dadswell, 11 Walnut Tree Lane, Longwick, Princes Risborough, Bucks HP27 9SJ 01844 345 663 or 07808 974 782 or [email protected] Entries close Tuesday 7th April. Entry fee £21 per team. (note the increase!) If you send entries separately, be sure to list exactly who’s in the team! Each team can have a reserve rider, and entries from reserve riders are free. However, I still need a completed form from everyone BEFORE the Closing Date. Ask me if you’re not sure. Electronic entries require a completed CTT form to be sent to me at [email protected] . Please either make a Paypal payment to the same email address, or wait for me to make a Paypal money request. You don’t actually need a Paypal account, all you need is a Credit Card or Debit Card. It’s all safe and simple – visit to read about it. (Actually, I’ll still need Parental Consent forms on paper for Under 18s)