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Choosing to do what you should even when you don't want to

BOTTOM LINE: Think before you lose your temper.

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Temper Tamer

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Read Proverbs 16:32

Ten till Tame A great tool to use when you start to lose your tem per is to count to ten. Here’s ho w you do it: when you get into a situation that sta rts to upset you, remove yourself from that situatio n and start counting. Try counting a few different ways. You can count slowly, quick ly, in a whisper, on your fingers, or whatever works best for you! Practicing this will help you easily giv e you a go to when you sta rt to lose your cool. LOOK for ways to avoid losing your temper by using the tools you have learned .

Every Other

At the dinner tabl e, look up this wee k’s Bible verse: Prove rbs 16:32. Read through it a few times to practice . When you are re ady, take turns sa ying a word from the verse. For exampl e, you say the first word, then the pe rson to the left says th e next, and so on . Keep taking turn s until you have sa id the verse through. R epeat! THANK God fo r allowing His W ord to remind us ab out how having patience and self -control is better than having a te mper.