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The Chimes A publication of United Presbyterian Church

. Peoria, IL

Volume.12 Issue.6 June 24, 2015

Vacation Bible School July 19-23 6 – 8:30 pm

To register, log on to or stop in. Come learn about the importance of welcoming others and keeping God’s creation welcoming to the future generations. There will be music, games, nature experts, snacks, crafts & a special visit by the Glen Oak Zoomobile on Thursday night. Open to age 4 – entering 5th grade. Cost is $10. Please call 693-2002 if you have questions.

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The Chimes

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June 2015

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July 2015

The Chimes

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Faith in Action This summer, we are studying the Book of James. James believes faith without works is dead. James believes in putting faith to work, which means spreading the gospel, helping others, caring for the least of these, and living with integrity. This month, we have an opportunity to practice what’s been preached all summer. We have the opportunity to live out a faith that works by putting our faith into action. On July 19th we have our annual Faith in Action Sunday. We will not have a regular worship service in the sanctuary, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be worshipping. We will worship through our actions, and some of us will worship with a community that can use our love and support. On July 19th, Pastor Patricia and some of our worship team will lead a worship service at Independence Village. James says the faithful should care for the orphan and the widow. In other words, we should care for the most vulnerable in society. This is a great opportunity to take the good news of the Gospel to residents at one of our local retirement homes. They would love to have the opportunity to worship next to you. We will also send a team to do work at Common Place. They’ll do landscaping and other work for one of our local mission partners which does so much to help our community through its literacy programs, food bank, counseling, and more. You can also stay at UPC on the 19th. We will be setting up for VBS that morning. We expect between 100 and 150 children to join us for the week. We get to show them the love of God and share the good news that all are welcome in God. We will also be making Fleece-Tie blankets to help meet our goals of giving blankets to every family that comes to the Family Christmas Shop this year, as well as giving 50 blankets to the Sugar Plum Project, which provides beds to children who don’t have them. I will lead a group of UPC members to worship at Zion Baptist Church. This is a great way to experience another style of worship, but it is also a visible sign of unity with our African-American brothers and sisters in Christ. We hope this is the start of a partnership with Zion Baptist in which we can work, worship, and fellowship together in the name of Christ. The service starts at 10:45am. Please let me know if you’d like to join me for worship there. I hope you will join us for one of these opportunities. We can make a big difference in several lives in just a few hours, whether its worshipping next to someone at Independence Village who longs for a worshiping community, or preparing a fantastic week for children in our community, or helping Common Place with its mission, or making blankets for families, children and adults in need. This is your opportunity to put your faith to work in a way that brings hope and love to our community. A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board by the Welcome Center. Please sign up for one of these Faith in Action opportunities. Let’s show Peoria that we don’t just worship in our Sanctuary; we worship with our lives in the community. Our faith works for the good of the world through the love and power of Jesus Christ. In common calling, Pastor Stephen


The Chimes

July 2015

A Glorious Time On our recent vacation we visited Glory Ridge non-denominational Christian camp outside of Marshall, NC. We were blessed to be given a tour of the 28 acre camp that overlooks the French Broad River by its founder, Rev. George Moore. I first learned of Glory Ridge when Rev. Moore was the interim pastor in Montrose CO and I was a Celebrate Recovery ministry leader in 2003-4. More than once he told me I should go there some day. Some day finally happened for me. Not only did I get to visit Glory Ridge, but I received a tour of the grounds from George. A joyful reunion in a glorious place. Now there were no kids on the property that afternoon as school was still in session, but evidence of their handiwork was all around me. The camp is for youth. Most of the building and grounds work was done over the years by the youth. They cleared the meadow, they assisted with building the Dining Pavilion and the bunkhouse, the worship Pavilion, the cross, the benches and tables. They dug and graveled the roadways and walkways. The tool shed was filled with power tools and ground-working tools for their use. For 42 years, youth have been coming to Glory Ridge. They are the ones who have made and continue to make the camp. My favorite was the dining pavilion. It was decorated with scriptures and plaques that the youth made and left behind. It was simple, it was rustic, and it authentically shouted out the joy and the learning that the youth had experienced here over the years. I stood there, reading them and realized that I was absolutely surrounded by the Word of God! But more than that, I heard the echoes of the Word that had spoken to that group at that time, shared for the inspiration of others. I prayed “Lord, more importantly, have you written these words in their hearts? Do they remind them of what they learned here? May it be so, always.” The “Brothers Pavilion” is a large, spacious covered deck for all kinds of gatherings. George says it is the favorite place for nighttime sleeping. The kids put their stuff in the bunkhouses, but they prefer to sleep outside, hearing the roar of the river below, or sleeping on the expansive meadow ridge. Then we visited the worship pavilion. There was a rustic table with hand crafted candleholders, and wooden music stands of various heights. Rows of benches, made by the youth! I could almost hear their voices singing and praying as I imagined this space full of youth. The amazing part of this camp is there are no zip lines, no raft trips, the river is off limits. It is a working camp. “The youth who come here work for about 6 hours of each day, and they keep coming back,” George said as if amazed. The kids come to do project work, to prepare their own meals, to worship and they come from 29 states, the calendar is full. They keep coming back. And some would wonder why. The oneness. That is what I felt to the core as we continued to walk the property. There is a oneness with creation and the creator that is available on the covered decks, and open decks that overlook the river. There is oneness that permeates this rustic, simple camp. Built by the youth for the youth. It is their creation in creation, inspired by the creator kind of oneness and unity. I think this is because Glory Ridge is one of those “thin places.” A thin place is one where the presence of God is so palpable. A young Reverend named George stood on that property and received a vision of what it could be. Then he walked the faith to follow the vision. The name describes it well: “Glory Ridge—A Vineyard for the Lord.” Where the wildlife, rivers and creek, plants and trees, grapevines and flowers of all kinds, and kids do the work that each were created to do. The kids learn how to use their creativity and their minds and muscles to care for a place dedicated to them. A place where they can sense the love of God and return that love freely in worship, or in a quiet bench by the wooden cross jutting out from the earth. Such harmony; such oneness; such palpable God presence; no wonder they keep coming back. May you too be blessed to visit “Thin Places”, Pastor Patricia

July 2015

The Chimes

Children Rotation Sunday School Ages 3 – 3rd grade Summer Rotation will be spent journeying through “The Jesus Storybook Bible”. Each class we will start with an introduction to the stories, followed by a DVD presentation of the stories. Come dressed for the outdoors as we will end classes on the playground, weather permitting. Children can be picked up there or in the rotation rooms/gym if the weather is bad. TEACHERS ARE NEEDED ALL SUMMER! You only have to commit to one Sunday, but we would prefer to have 2 leaders each Sunday. The lessons are simple introductions with DVD’s and a sharing of joys and concerns in the outdoor classroom before some play time. Please see the Narthex bulletin board for sign-up information or contact Karen Miller. 4th Grade and Up Worship Preparation Class after the Time for Young Disciples In the Youth Room In June we will focus on learning about creeds and statements of faith. We will also spend time in the gym or on the playground.

News and Notes Family Room Renovation Needs In an effort to provide a comfortable, quiet, and familyfriendly room to parents with young children in worship, we are hoping to renovate the Quiet Room in the back of the sanctuary. We would like to replace the couch with two comfortable gliders, add cushions to the two rocking chairs, and provide things for infants like cradles and standing activity centers. These changes will make the room more functional for families with infants, and allow more families to use the room. We want to make sure all our new young families have a place they can comfortably worship while feeding, changing, and caring for a young child. We want them to continue to feel welcome in worship at UPC. Thanks to a generous donor, we have received all the funds needed for the Family/Quiet room. We still could use donations for some upgrades to our nursery. If you would like to make a gift, please mark your gift “Family Room.” Thank you for helping UPC be a welcoming community for all people.




Health & Wellness EAT THOSE VEGGIES! It’s summertime. The days are longer, the sun is shining and gardens are beginning to overflow with wonderful produce. Now is the perfect time to challenge yourself to eat more vegetables. Here are seven easy ways to incorporate more veggies in your diet: Grill colorful vegetable kabobs packed with tomatoes, green and red peppers, mushrooms and onions. Delicious and a meal by itself or great as a side or incorporated into a salad. Cut zucchini lengthwise into ¼ inch slices, then marinate and grill like a steak. Turn any omelet into a hearty meal using broccoli, asparagus, squash, carrots, peppers, tomatoes or onions with low-fat sharp cheddar cheese. Add grated, shredded or chopped vegetables such as zucchini, spinach and carrots to lasagna, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, rice dishes, pasta sauce or as baked potato toppings. Stock your freezer with frozen vegetables to steam or stirfry for a quick side dish. Keep cut vegetables handy in baggies for snacks. Use fresh snap peas for a nice sweet crunchy munchie. “Go Green” by adding a few spinach leaves to your favorite fruit smoothie. It does not alter the taste, honest! If you don’t believe me- try it yourself! No garden? No problem! Find a local farmer’s market: Peoria Riverfront Market Saturdays 8am-noon Peoria Farmers Market in the Metro Center Daily 8am Be WELL, Kirsten Tharp RN, BSN Parish Nurse Just a reminder to parents of school-age children the 20152016 school health requirements are as follows: KINDERGARTEN: Physical exam Immunizations Dental exam nd 2 GRADE: Dental exam th 6 GRADE: Physical exam Dental exam NEW- one dose of Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine due before entry into 6th grade


The Chimes

Christian Education Adul

t Classes

10am Thursday Morning Bible Study We will be meeting July 2, 9, 16 and 30 No class the week of VBS (July 23) We are continuing our study of Marriage, the Bible and the Church. The discussion has been lively. You are welcome to join the study at any time.

11-Minute Lessons We are continuing our study of “What is the Bible” after worship in room 107 at 11:11am. We will meet throughout July, except Faith in Action Sunday on July 19th. If you’d like to know more about the Bible, and some of the most interesting stories, then this short class is for you. Summer Reading Pastor Patricia is enjoying summer reading (see my list in the June Chimes). The Last Sister by Courtney McKinney-Whitaker is definitely a page turner. No wonder it is an award winner. Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life has given me a lot to think about. During our week in the cabin of North Carolina I read a good portion of a book from their shelf that was delightful: The Best of James Herriot: The Favorite Stories of One of the Most Beloved Writers of our Time. What are you reading this summer? I would love to know.

July 2015

QUEST QUEST MIDDLE SCHOOL This is a youth group for grades 5th-8th to learn, serve and enjoy fellowship. It is a place where everyone can be themselves amongst friends. This summer our schedule will be off and on due to the mission trip, VBS and more. We will still try to meet regularly to keep the awesome momentum going as well as give our youth a safe place to hang out and have some fun this summer. Please check bulletins, Facebook, and with Karen for updates at any time! If you have any questions, please contact Karen Miller. Quest Middle School Meeting Sunday, July 12 3:30 – 5:00 pm Activities TBD. QUEST HIGH SCHOOL This summer our schedule will be off and on due to the mission trip, VBS and more. We will still try to meet regularly to keep the awesome momentum going so please check Facebook and the bulletin for any updates. The High School group may meet sometimes during the week to work on putting the youth room together. Quest High School at Summits Edge for Rock Climbing and High Ropes Course Sunday, July 12 5:00 – 6:30 pm Activities TBD Our mission trip to Kentucky departs Sunday, June 28 at 12:00 pm and returns Friday, July 3 around 3:30 pm.

July 2015

The Chimes

New Member


Session Notes SESSION NOTES Your session convened on Tuesday, June 16, moderated by Pastor Patricia. Colleen Rouzer shared her faith journey. Les Casali was received as a new member. Session approved the baptism of Caleb David Swan, son of Megan and Jud Swan with Lowell and Ann Gropp as sponsors; use of the church bus by the youth group for their mission trip to Irvine, Kentucky, leaving after church on June 28 and returning on July 3, 2015; use of the church bus by BYT Conference attendees to Peoria Playhouse Museum on June 16, 2015 at 4pm; to transfer Barbara Flack’s membership to Plainfield United Methodist church per her request. Session also approved to change to gluten free bread for communion. Session discussed the benefits of membership classes for our new members and other interested members. They are in favor of offering the classes. Christian Education and Church Growth will work together with the Pastors to plan and implement the classes.

Please welcome our newest member to UPC, Les Casali. You may have seen him from time to time in worship with Tom Yingling. Les lives at Independence Village and was received into our church family during the June 2015 Session meeting.

News and Notes Little Wooden Church The little wooden church in the closet by the restrooms in Fellowship Hall used to be a collection site for clothing items being sent to Friendship House. We are no longer able to collect and deliver these items. You are encouraged to drop items off on your own if you have donations. Lost and Found There are a few lost clothing items in the closet by the restrooms in the Fellowship Hall. Please take a minute and check this out. We will be donating all items to missions August 1.

Session discussed the progress of the Nominating Committee.

Finance & Stewardship Debt Free by 2020 We are so excited to announce that we have hit a new milestone by attaining a mortgage balance below $900,000. The loan balance is now at $878,033! We are getting closer and closer to achieving our overall goal of paying off our mortgage balance by the year 2020. Our Church is so blessed to have a congregation of dedicated givers. This would not be possible without those whom continue to commit to MAP pledges, the Foundation Match contributions, and the bequests we have received. Thank you so much for everyone’s continued faithfulness in the goal of eliminating our debt. We can’t wait to report our next milestone.


The Chimes

Worship & Arts Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions: Part Two Why doesn’t the chancel choir wear robes anymore? It was in high school where I learned the significance of what people wear. I was one of the few people in my high school who advocated for school uniforms. 99% of my classmates thought I was off my rocker. Their main argument was as follows: clothing is a form of self-expression, and by eliminating the freedom of clothing choice on behalf of an individual, it prohibits the individual from fully being able to be themselves. They interpreted clothing as an individual right and action, where as I interpreted clothing choices as a communal practice with communal consequences. How an individual dresses has a profound impact on social behavior, social expectation, bullying, communal and individual consciousness, communal and individual analysis of value, and many other things. Needless to say, my school never mandated uniforms. High school, in some respects, functions a bit like a church. Take for example…choir robes. Historically, choirs have worn robes to identify them as a group, to show authority with their clerical responsibilities of leading worship, and to eliminate distractions of how individuals dress. I think all of these reasons are valuable in certain contexts. But, like everything else in ministry, we have to look at the specific needs of our community at UPC. We have been working on unifying the various worship ensembles that are active at UPC. As you can tell, there is a LOT of cross-participation between members of the chancel choir, worship band, and bell choir. Each group is different and has unique ways of using music in a Sunday service, but they are all united in their general function as leaders of worship. This is especially important given how we are dedicated to worshipping together as a diverse body of believers. Despite personal preference and musical taste, we are united in our participation in worship. The main purpose for using choir robes has been for visual unity within the ensemble. But we ought to see unity in a broader way; it works to encompass all of those who are leading worship. We see this in theory, but also in practice. Many of the singers on worship teams also sing in the chancel choir. And many of the members in chancel choir also participate in bell choir. And many of the instrumentalists who play also sing in one of the groups.

June 2015 If members who were exclusively in the chancel choir wore robes, then singers and instrumentalists who have other responsibilities in the service would stick out like a sore thumb if they also sang in the choir because they would not be robed. Instead of a unifying symbol, it would only highlight the fact that they are “different” than the rest of the robed singers. Now you might say, “why doesn’t everybody wears robes regardless of what ensemble they are in?” There are many negative responses to this, but the main one is: have you ever tried to play guitar, or handbells, or a trumpet in a choir robe?! Playing the instrument is hard enough let alone having to deal with puffy sleeves getting in your way! If only singers were to wear robes, then it would also create an unnecessary division between vocalists and instrumentalists. What about their role is different other than the actual musical distinction? Are the vocalists more important or set apart because they are crafting words in addition to musical sound? These types of questions begin to immerge when people become visually separated into groups. This does not mean robes will never be worn. We may have a service where only the choir is leading worship and would wear robes. Or the choir is invited to sing at a different church for an event where we would wear robes. Or there is a special concert where only the choir is singing. The robes are not going to waste just because we don’t use them as often. Instead, the robe’s significance will only be enhanced where they are used in a way as to promote the unity of the choir and their significance in worship. For our context at UPC, not regularly wearing robes is a greater visual symbol of unity in the midst of diversity. We are fortunate to have so many volunteers contribute to worship, and I believe we are even more fortunate to have so many diverse expressions of worship as representing the many different kinds of people we have worshipping at UPC.

Aaron Schultz

July 2015

The Chimes

Worship & Arts Sermon Series- James: Faith That Works This summer, we are studying the Book of James and hearing James has to say to the gifted and strong, which is you. James paints a picture of how we should live in response to the faith and trust we have in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. James makes it clear that salvation doesn’t come through good works, but that true faith produces good works. Faith isn’t just something we have or a set of things we believe. Faith is a lifestyle built on trust in God. Faith is active. Faith works, and it isn’t always easy. In fact, it is rarely easy. Come and hear a challenging message of faith and hope each week from this powerful book of instruction and advice for living faithfully, wisely, justly, and righteously.

Preaching Schedule July 5: James 2:1-7 “No Distinction” Pastor Stephen July 12: James 2:8-13 “Not a Trifle” Pastor Stephen July 19: Faith in Action Sunday July 26: James 2:14-26 Pastor Patricia Local Hymn Sing Join us for a hymn-sing on Sunday, July 12. We will meet at the church at 1:45pm, and will then carpool to Rosewood Care Center and Independence Village to share the music with the residents. You do not have to read music to join! We will sing familiar songs to encourage group singing. This will be a great opportunity to encourage each other with the gift of song. We will arrive back to church shortly after 3:00pm. If you have questions, contact Aaron Schultz ([email protected]).

9 Community Choir During the summer months we invite you to participate in the monthly community choir. On Sunday July 26th, and August 23 we will meet at 9:00am in the choir room to learn an accessible choral song. Then, during the 10:00am service we will sing it in the beginning of the service! After the choir is done singing, everyone will return back to their seats in the congregation. All who have an interest in group singing, no matter the skill level, are encouraged to participate. If you have questions, contact Aaron Schultz ([email protected]). Faith in Action Sunday July 19 Faith in Action Sunday is July 19th. There will be no regular worship service in the church sanctuary, but several opportunities to worship through service. A sign-up sheet is at the bulletin board by the Welcome Center. You can either go to Independence Village to worship with the residents there, help set up for VBS at UPC, help make Fleece Tie Blankets at UPC, or help at Common Place. One more new option is worshipping at Zion Baptist Church. Pastor Stephen will lead a group to worship with some of our African-American brothers and sisters in Christ as a sign of unity and to experience a different form of worship. If you would like to go to Zion Baptist, you can either meet there for their 10:45am service, or carpool from UPC at 10:15am. If you want to help at UPC, please be here at 10:00am. If you want to worship at Independence Village, please be there at 10:00am or come to church a bit early to carpool. If you’d like to go to Common Place, please meet there at 10:00am or at the church at 9:30am to carpool.


The Chimes

Sharing Our Stories Terry & Nancy Thompson Terry and I have been married forty-nine years. Our daughter Michelle lives in Chicago and son Jeff resides in St. Louis. They each have two children. St. Louis is also home to our foster son Dr. Phu Vu. He will be married August 22, 2015. Terry retired after forty-two years at Caterpillar as a Test Engineer. That job prepared him to become Super Papa. Our four grandchildren believe that Papa can invent or repair anything. His hobbies include computers, electronics, and fishing. I taught at Arcadia Preschool, Garfield Primary, and Wilson Intermediate. My hobbies include gardening, cooking, and tutoring English as a Second Language (ESL). Together, Terry and I enjoy anything with the grandchildren, ballroom dancing, traveling, reading, cards, and board games. We share an eclectic collection of music. Our faith journey has been a winding road. Neither of our families attended church. When I was thirteen, I was baptized at St. John's Catholic Church to fulfill my mother's death-bed wish. As an older adult, I know that I cannot be something that I am not to honor and please someone else. Over the years, Terry and I have attended several churches. The connection to Arcadia brought us to UPC. Hearing God's love proclaimed by Pastors Randy, Stephen, and Patricia, each in their own unique style, kept us coming back. That same love has been demonstrated by both the staff and congregation. After only a few months of attending services, Terry and I received a beautiful hand -written card from Bob and Judy Carruthers. Pastor Stephen is the only person, from any church, who has phoned to ask what the church could do to assist us. During the last two years, our daughter-in-law, Amy has been on dialysis and received a kidney transplant. Terry and I requested prayers several times. We were never asked for a donation or commitment to membership. Your prayers and ours have been answered. My prayer for Terry was answered on March 29, 2015 as he was baptized at UPC. We are proud to be members of a church that is inclusive, celebrates diversity, promotes equality of women, offers the communion table to all believers, and lovingly teaches even the youngest children to be of service and have compassion for others. Terry and I have been privileged to participate in 11-minute lessons, Trinity Services Christmas Party, Family Christmas Shop, and Foster Care Family Celebration. We are co-chairing the upcoming rummage sale. We are looking forward to many activities and new friendships.

July 2015

Prayer Corner A Prayer For The Nation In July, we typically think back to the founding of our nation. I recently visited the Museum of American Independence in Exeter, NH. The story of our nation is full of successes and failures, greed and generosity, hate and love. The United States is not perfect, just like our church isn’t perfect, and we as individuals are not perfect. We ask for forgiveness as a nation, as we do for ourselves each Sunday. We pray for guidance, and we pray that God leads us to be the people, the church, and the nation God would have us be. We pray for the United States to build upon the foundations of mercy, justice, and goodwill. We pray for peace. We pray for unity. We pray that the United States can be a blessing as much as it has been blessed. A Prayer For Our Nation Almighty God, ruler of all the peoples of the earth, Forgive we pray, our shortcomings as a nation; Purify our hearts to see and love truth; Give wisdom to our counselors And steadfastness to our people; And bring us at last to the fair city of peace, Whose foundations are mercy, justice, and goodwill, And whose builder and maker you are; Through your son, Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN. - Woodrow Wilson, President and Presbyterian

Prayers Needed We continue to lift in prayer: Steve Stella, Scott Joplin, Rachel Shepardson, Leonard Brown, Corda Jones, George Neal, Toni Redlingshafer, Neil Stramberg, Pauline Harris, Barb & Jack Teal, Barb Daly, Tom McGhee, and Betty Welch’s daughter-in-law’s mother.

July 2015

Mission Foster Family Outreach Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to provide $200 to Foster Families to help with school uniform or other emergency expenses. We gave gift cards to a contact at DCFS. When a licensing worker has a family in need, that worker can contact our representative at DCFS and get the needed things for that family. Thank you.

News and Notes Congratulations! LeRoy Hagenbuch was recently honored as the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus, and 2015 Professor for a Day at the University of Illinois. LeRoy is co-founder and Chief Engineer of Philippi-Hagenbuch, a company dedicated to building quality haulage accessories for the construction, aggregates and mining industries. Congratulations LeRoy! Danette Swank, was recently honored in Washington, DC, with the 3rd STEP Award. The Manufactuing Institute awarded Danette, President of Philippi-Hagenbuch, with the Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) award on March, 26, 2015. Congratulations Danette!

Church Life UPC Softball Come give a cheer to our UPC co-ed softball team at Northminster Presbyterian Church on Monday nights. July 6 6:30 pm July 13 7:15 pm July 20 7:15 pm July 27 6:30 pm Local Lunch Local Lunch this month will be Monday, July 20, at 12:00pm at Katy Kats on Prospect. They have great burgers, pizza, and pasta.

The Chimes


Men’s Breakfast Men of all ages are invited to gather together to strengthen community and relationships at Le Peep on the second Thursday of the month (July 9) at 9:00am. Hiking Members of UPC are gathering for some hiking adventures this summer. We hope you can join us! Friday July 3 at 8 am: Black Partridge Park. Meet at Ann and Lowell Gropp’s house. (contact the office for map and directions) Wednesday July 15 at 5:30: Spindler Marina, East Peoria Wednesday Aug 12 at 5:30: Upper Grandview Park (Refreshments after at Pastor Patricia’s house) Saturday October 17: Travel and hike at Starved Rock State Park. And we hope to schedule a time to hike some of the Bluff Trail. Perhaps a Saturday in September. Ladies Night Out Where: Jubilee Café, 7127 N Kickapoo-Edwards Rd. When: July 18, 6:00pm RSVP to Betty Pugh @ 822-8500 or Eunice Andrews @ 688-8458 if you plan on coming. Even if you forget to call, come on out. Rummage Sale Our annual Rummage Sale fundraiser for our youth is just around the corner, July 31– August 1. We need your stuff! We need volunteers for sorting and pricing. We also need your baked goods for the Trinity Services Bake Sale. (items we can sell for 50-cents and with no icing please!)

July 2015

The Chimes

News and Notes




_ Insert

Thank You Notes I want to say a special thank you to Alan Lonn, Craig Mousty, and Tom Harrison for helping cut up and haul away a tree that fell in my backyard during a recent summer storm. They helped make short work of the tree with their chainsaw prowess. Thank you! Pastor Stephen

Register for Vacation Bible School Today. July 19-23 6:00 – 8:30 pm Age 4—entering 5th grade $10/child - Max cost of $20/Family Scholarships are available Contact the church office @ 693-2002. Vacation Bible School Volunteers Needed! We are looking for lots of VBS volunteers! Please see the table in the Fellowship Hall to see how you can help with this amazing week. With close to 120 children last year, we are actively preparing for another attendance increase. This means we need more volunteers than ever. Group leaders are super important as they are the ones with our kids each night. We need many this year so our groups are not too big to handle and everyone is safe and has an enjoyable experience, child and volunteer. Please prayerfully consider how you can help this week. Even if it is a supply donation or you can give us one night of help, it is all so needed. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL WORK DAY Thursday, July 16, 10:00 am If you have a few hours to spare, we could use your help doing some initial VBS set-up. You bring the working hands, we will bring the donuts! Featuring the Glen Oak Zoomobile on Thursday night! Join us for a week of camping fun as we learn about people in the Bible who never failed to welcome others, no matter how different they were. We will explore how we can be more welcoming as God’s children through special “Ranger Training.” There we will learn how important it is to be welcoming to others as well as God’s Creation. Some exciting things to look forward to exploring this week are: recycling, composting, first aid, clean water, nature exploration, butterflies, animals, gardening, music, games, delicious snacks and so much more. Register today to be a part of this unforgettable week! Contact Karen Miller for more information.

Thank you to the friends at UPC for their phone calls, visits, and cards during the surgery and recovery time of LeRoy. Our family appreciates the concern and care of our church and the comforting words of the UPC staff and their visits with our family. Pastor Patricia and Pastor Stephen, thank you. God has blessed us, and LeRoy has made a full recovery. Blessings, The LeRoy Hagenbuch Family Dear UPC Friends, I want to thank Pastor Stephen and Pastor Patricia for their visits during my recent hospitalization. Thank you also for the beautiful red rose. Our church family is the best ever! Linda Kelley Pastors, Staff and members of UPC, Thank you for the hospital, Riverview and home visits. They have made the last two weeks more bearable. The meals, cards, emails, phone calls, flowers, gifts, reading material and morning coffees have been highlights to each and every day of my confinement. More importantly, thank you for your prayers and uplifting words that have sustained me during the weeks before surgery and after. I look forward to being among you in a few weeks Blessings, Toni Redlingshafer


The Chimes




July 2015


July 2015 THURSDAY



1 1:30 Tai Chi 6:00 Tai Chi

2 8:30 Exercise 10:00 Adult Bible Study 6:00 Bereavement

3 4 Office Closed in celebration of July 4th!

5 Communion Blood Pressure Screening 10:00 Worship 10:00 Children’s Rotation 11:00 Fellowship 11:11 11-Minute Lesson 4:00 Sports Event

6 8:30 Exercise 1:30 Tai Chi 6:00 Tai Chi 6:30 Properties 6:30 Softball

7 VOTING DAY 9:00 Quilters 10:00 Picnic on the Playground 3:00 Bereavement 5:30 Member Care 6:30 Families Anon 6:30 Church Life 6:30 Stephen Ministry Education 6:30 PPDBB

8 9:00 PEO BX 1:30 Tai Chi 6:00 Tai Chi

9 8:30 Exercise 9:00 Men’s Breakfast 10:00 Adult Bible Study 6:00 Bereavement



12 10:00 Worship 10:00 Children’s Rotation 11:00 Fellowship 11:11 11-Minute Lesson 4:00 Sports Event

13 8:30 Exercise 1:30 Tai Chi 6:00 Tai Chi 6:00 Foundation 6:00 Worship Studio 7:15 Softball

14 9:00 Quilters 3:00 Bereavement 6:00 Church Growth/Worship & Arts 6:30 PPDBB 6:30 Families Anon 6:30 Christian Ed/ Stewardship/HR 7:15 Mission

15 10:00 ANG 1:30 Tai Chi 6:00 Tai Chi

16 8:30 Exercise 10:00 Adult Bible Study 6:00 Bereavement



21 9:00 Quilters 9:30 Ollie Bookclub 10:00 Picnic on the Playground 3:00 Bereavement 6:30 Families Anon

22 8:00 CHIMES INFO DUE IN OFFICE 1:30 Tai Chi 6:00 Tai Chi

23 8:30 Exercise 10:00 Adult Bible Study NO Bereavement

24 Start collecting Rummage Sale items


30 8:30 Exercise 10:00 Adult Bible Study 6:00 Bereavement


19 20 10:00 Faith In Action 8:30 Exercise 4:00 Sports Event 12:00 Local Lunch 1:30 Tai Chi 6:00 Tai Chi 7:15 Softball

Vacation Bible School 6:00—8:30 pm 26 10:00 Worship 10:00 Children’s Rotation 11:00 Fellowship 11:11 11-Minute Lesson 4:00 Sports Event

27 8:30 Exercise 1:30 Tai Chi 6:00 Tai Chi 6:30 Softball

28 9:00 Quilters 9:30 Ollie Bookclub 11:30 PASGNP 3:00 Bereavement 6:30 PPDBB 6:30 Families Anon 6:30 Stephen Ministry Supervision

29 1:00 Collate CHIMES 1:30 Tai Chi 6:00 Tai Chi Last day to bring Rummage Sale items

Rummage Sale 7:30—2:00