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In One Case—A Hundredfold!

I want to express a heart-felt thanksgiving to all of you who claim St. Mary’s as your spiritual home. Your faithfulness, courage and generosity have been exemplary, and I feel very blessed by God to serve with you as priest, spiritual friend and brother in Christ. Cathedral Day on April 27th was exceptional. Over 300 guests were counted coming through the doors and gates of the Cathedral. Close to $19,000 was raised to help repair the crumble of the ceiling. Fantastic musicians and artists filled every corner of the campus. Children were having the time of their lives in the Crypt. So many volunteers worked tirelessly to make the day a success. Special thanks to Marcia Wunderlich, who was chair of the event. Others on the Cathedral Day committee were: Pam and Buddy Chapman, Gail Woods, Larry and Martha Ann Gossett, Jim Powell, Phil Johnson, Pat Geelan, Maudie KitePowell, Marti Kuhn, Rebecca Chappell, Paula Kelly, and Bindy Snyder. Please pat them on the back and congratulate them on a fantastic job. We look forward to what is in store for next year!!! 692 Poplar Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38105 Phone 901.527.3361 Fax 901.523.8292


Vol. XI, No. 5 INSIDE THIS ISSUE 2—Christian Formation Crawfish Boil for Young Adults SOUL FOOD Camp 3—Cathedral Day Report Silent Auction Report Bench Notes 4—Ascension Evensong St. Mary’s T-Shirts Memorials/Honoraria 5—Opportunities at the Cathedral/in the Diocese 6—Calendar of Events/ Birthdays Pop-Top Ministry 7—Altar Flowers Flower Ministry 8—Parish-Wide Forums on June 9 & 16

I also need to express how impressed I was with St. Mary’s during the Heather Palumbo Jones tragedy. These are the events that either break or bind a community. We chose the latter. Your kindheartedness and hospitality to Heather’s family and children were holy. Also, I watched many of you show real grace to Chris Jones as he arrived for Holy Eucharist on the Sunday before he confessed. This was a very confusing time, and you led with your heart. This has made a lasting, positive impression on my soul. Over 400 people came to Heather’s funeral. The mission of the Church is to empower the people beyond themselves. Jesus said: “But as for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty.” St. Mary’s has good soil. It is a most exceptional place to be.

Sunday, May 12 is Youth Sunday! And, yes, it’s Mother’s Day. We will have our beloved young people read the lessons and prayers. Two musicians, Kash Nwobilor, violin, and James Gruber, bassoon, will be featured soloists. AND the Children’s Chapel will sing the Offertory. We will also recognize our staff of Catechesis and Sunday School teachers: Atrium I:Terra Nwobilor, Catechist; Joan Cannon, Atrium Assistant Sunday School II: Vickie Baselski and Marsha Callow Nursery Workers: Rebecca Matthews, Piper Martin, Cristin Laird, Maddy Matthews Youth: Lisa McIndoo

Christian Formation for all ages Sundays at 10 am

Crawfish Boil For Young Adults

May 12 Flexing Your Vocal Chords Avant-garde sacred music with Scott Elsholz Parish Hall

AND Stories of Resurrection Study Biblical narratives of the Resurrection and share stories of resurrection with Jerry Harber. Sisters’ Chapel

Catechesis and Sunday School at 10 am through Grade 5 in the Moody Wing Atria

For Young Adults under the age of 50. Bring your beverages. We’ll discuss the future of the children & youth programs at the Cathedral! RSVP online [email protected] Sunday , May 26 4—6 pm At the home of Anne, Andy, Ferris, Sam & Will Andrews 1324 Harbert Avenue

Youth, Grades 6-12, in the Youth Room (Crypt) May 12 is the final day of Spring Formation!

Knitting and Sewing Ministry The Knitting and Sewing Ministry meets on the 1 st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 1:00 to 3:00 PM in the Sarah Sadler Room of the Cathedral Crypt. If you are a needle worker of any kind – if you knit, crochet, needlepoint, embroider, smock, quilt or sew – we invite you to gather with other needle workers to share your projects, your talents and enjoy the fellowship with others who love to work with their hands. It’s a time to gather, to make new friends and to enjoy what we love - needlework! We look forward to seeing you!! Bring a friend! Questions:??? Contact Jackie Stewart at [email protected] or (901)515-6821 or Pat Geelan at [email protected] or (901)486-5213.


Monday, June 3 through Thursday, June 6. Here is a link to the website info about camp and the registration form:

A humorous excerpt from The Commercial Appeal on Monday, April 22, 2013: CIVIL WAR-ERA MEMORIES from The Memphis Daily Appeal — April 15, 1863 Bold Theft—The “Argus” notices the fact that some contemptible thief entered the church yard of St. Mary’s church on Poplar Street and ran off a favorite cow belonging to Bishop Otey.

A Success !! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ●A little rain didn't dampen our spirits and Cathedral Day was a success and is now history. The dramatic stone gate was a perfect entry to the enchanting day. Balloons lined the walks to the Cathedral and created a festive atmosphere as church members, families, friends and familiar faces from other churches arrived. The spirit of St. Mary's was strong all day as people enjoyed great music, interesting lectures, book talks, and fun children's games. The crowd enjoyed artists' work, delicious home made goodies, and beautiful handmade crafts. The silent auction was one of the best ever. The food trucks that came were busy, and the food was delicious. The Bishop won the beard contest that was judged by three County Deputies (an impartial panel). That was a highlight as our bearded friends lined up for the judging. The Bishop's Reception was elegant and the tours informative. It was such a perfect way to spend a Saturday. ●Thank you to the Cathedral Identity Committee for the idea and the Cathedral Day Committee for the hard work of making it happen. Members included Pam and Buddy Chapman, Gail Woods, Larry and Martha Ann Gossett, Jim Powell, Phil Johnson, Pat Geelan, Maudie KitePowell, Marti Kuhn, Rebecca Chappell, Paula Kelly, Bindy Snyder, and Marcia Wunderlich. Anna Holtzclaw, Aimee McMillin, and Posey Cochrane got the young couples involved with the children's games. All of these people made great ideas a reality. ●Our Cathedral Staff was also invaluable and their enthusiasm and willingness to do anything was so appreciated. The ladies of the Gailor Guild were a big help when they met to sort prizes, price items, and divide up tickets. Our clergy, Andy, Laura, and Drew, were enthusiastic and volunteered to help in different areas. Andy endured a beard for months, Laura helped with contacts and the children's events, and Drew was willing to do whatever. Judy, Lisa, and Ty contributed with the publicity, flyers, and communications. Preston got our Squares working and monitored the sound system. Ideas were contributed by all. Trell and Jasper so willingly pitched in and made certain our facilities were ready for our guests. They both worked very hard. ●So many people contributed to the success by donating gorgeous hand made items, scrumptious baked goodies, a variety of auction items, and exceptional talents. Many contributed financially. So many helped by setting up and cleaning up. It was really a parish effort we should all be proud of. ●Our rewards were many. Everyone complimented the day. One of the deputies said that he didn't know what to expect for the day. He added that when he drove up he immediately felt that it would be a good day. Then he added that he was so impressed by the friendliness of all the people and ended by saying that if he wasn't involved in a church he would probably join St. Mary's. Positive remarks like that were made for every type of event that we had. ●The Blue Grass Eucharist was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Many thanks to the clergy and musicians who planned this wonderful service. ●Funds are still coming in and bills for expenses are still being paid. So far we have roughly taken in over $22,000. Our profit should be between $17,000 and $18,000 ●Our Cathedral Day raised funds for a good cause, the repair and restoration of our nave ceiling. This is a complicated project that will take time and a lot more money. Thanks for helping us begin. Marcia Wunderlich, Chair

Silent Auction Results This year’s Silent Auction held on April 27, 2013, in conjunction with St. Mary’s Cathedral Day was a resounding success. While the weather on Cathedral Day wasn’t what we hoped, the silent auction committee did a quick scramble to setup in the hall of the children’s wing. The close quarters did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the bidders. There were 157 items donated to this year’s auction which raised over $4,300 (and still counting) in bids offered. ● St. Mary’s Servant Ministry Team gives a huge thank you to all who participated. To those who donated auction items, your generosity is greatly appreciated in offering items of such quality and diversity. To those who won bids, in addition to purchasing great merchandise and services your money is going to support two worthy causes at St. Mary’s. The proceeds from the auction will be divided between the PopTop Ministry (for feeding the homeless) and the Cathedral Ceiling Repair Fund. Finally, to our volunteers who helped with setup, checkout and cleanup, know that your help was essential to the Silent Auction’s success. ● Again, thanks to all of you, without your efforts this event would not have happened. Dawn and Lee Roberts Co-Chairs of the Servant Ministry Team

♫ BENCH NOTES ♫ A Word from Your Organist/Choirmaster St. Mary’s Girls and Boys Choirs...Coming to a Cathedral near you! As many of you may already know, we are excited about starting a new children’s choir program at St. Mary’s this fall. We are planning to actually form two choirs. One will be for children ages 5 and 6 (exceptions for younger children will be made on an individual basis) and will be under the direction of the amazing Claire Valine. The second choir will be open to all children and youth ages 7 and up and will be under my direction. ● We envision these groups becoming an integral part of St. Mary’s worship life. Not only will the kids sing on Sunday mornings, but they will learn how to read music, they will become familiar with music history, and they will gain a deeper understanding of our Episcopal liturgy and hymnody….all while having A LOT of fun! ● I’ve led children’s choirs for many years prior to coming to the Cathedral, and I am thrilled that our growth has enabled us to establish such groups in this holy place. It has been one of my greatest priorities since my arrival here, and together with Claire Valine, we can do some incredible things here. ● For those of you with children ages 5 and up, please join me in the Cathedral Choir room (downstairs, beneath the education wing) at 12:30 on Sunday, May 12 or Sunday, May 19, for an informational meeting, during which we will discuss rehearsal times, retreats, and other exciting details. ● We hope you share our excitement for the future of this revived Cathedral music ministry! Soli Deo Gloria, Scott Elsholz


From Scott Elsholz and the Cathedral Choir: Put this on your calendar!!! ASCENSION EVENSONG Thursday, May 9 at 6:30 pm Celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord and St. Mary’s 155th Anniversary

Get Your St. Mary’s T-Shirt! Enhance your wardrobe with a stunning purple St. Mary’s T-Shirt. All the churches in the Diocese are listed on the back.

St. Mary’s is YOUR Cathedral. Check in the Parish Hall for the sales clerk! Sizes S, M, L, XL are $10 cash or $11 charge. Size XXL is $11 cash or $12 charge. Get yours BEFORE the price increase!

A reception with wine and birthday cake will follow. Additionally, new associates will be inducted to the Community of St. Mary at the Evensong. They are Kay Cohen, Doug Cupples, Carol Morris, and Susan Nelson. Here’s a brief description of the CSM: The Community of St Mary (CSM) is the oldest Episcopal order of religious nuns in the United States. Four of their sisters, Constance, Thecla, Ruth and Frances, died in the yellow fever epidemic of 1878. These women are remembered every year by the Episcopal Church on September 9, as the Martyrs of Memphis. Associates of the Community of St. Mary are Christian men and women who wish to share in their fellowship of prayer, while living out their vocations in some other setting. Associates undertake a Rule of Life, pray specifically for the Community, and commit to regular daily prayer, attendance at worship services, and charity and witness in their daily lives.


Memorials & Honoraria In memory of Jimmie Jean Carter Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Marshall In memory of Frank Harris Cooper, Sr. Jim Hartley Ian Nicholas da Ponte Cooper In honor of Marcia Wunderlich & Patricia McFarland Lucy Cromer-Sisters’ Chapel Fund In honor of Patricia McFarland’s birthday Lynsey Freeman, Robert L. LaPointe, Dr. C. D. MeadowsChapel Chair Dedication In honor of Marcia Wunderlich Emily Woodside-Cathedral Day Fund

of the cross; play basketball, volleyball and soccer; or go

Cathedral Opportunities ~ FYI THE FEAST OF ST. COLUMBA, JUNE 1, 2013 AT 6 PM: An elegant outdoor evening at the lake to celebrate and support the camp and hospitality ministries of St. Columba Episcopal Center. Locally produced foods will be served and the featured host is The Reverend Ellen Roberds. $75 per person; RSVP to [email protected] by 5/15/2013. SUMMER AT ST. COLUMBA: Episcopal Day Camp is expanding in 2013! Due to popular demand, the camp week now extends to include Fridays, and a 4th session has been added. New this summer, Camp St. Columba is an overnight week-long camps for Jr. and Sr. High students to build community, develop leadership skills, enjoy service and outreach ministry, and enjoy St. Columba's beautiful nature-filled property. Paid staff positions for all sessions are available to rising 9th-12th graders and college students. Go to for more information and for registration. THE DIOCESE OF WEST TENNESSEE E-NEWSLETTER: Sign up for the e-newsletter so you can stay in touch with

camping! No charge, no RSVP, just check-in at Gates Pavilion. Contact 901-377-9284 or saintcolumba[email protected] for more information. In memory of Bruce McCall

SAFEGUARDING GOD’S CHILDREN ON LINE: SafeguardJulie Campbell Terri and John P. for Neal IIIprevention of ing God's Children, the training program the In memory of Maria Magdalena Warwell

sexual abuse of children James and youth, is now available online. G. Hartley-Music Fund In memory of Lauren The Rt. Rev. William A. DimFor more information, contact at [email protected]. mick Peggy and Loyd Templeton -Chapel Chair In memory and honor of their parents Claire and Yousef Valine-Chapel Chair In memory of Clyde Washburn III Mary Virginia Horner Jenks McCrory CHRISTIAN FORMATION-ALL AGES In honor of The Rev. Jerry Harber SUNDAYS AT 10 AM Wayne Ferguson honor of the baptisms of Milla Meiman See page 2 of In THE CHIMES for the latest class and Ives Dobbins offerings. Anne and Greg Meiman

Ongoing Programs at the Cathedral

WEDNESDAYS AT 8 AM EUCHARIST-Sisters’ Chapel, BREAKFAST-Parish Hall, WALKING THE NEIGHBORHOOD. 2nd THURSDAY HEALING EUCHARIST 2nd Thursday of each month ~ Sisters’ Altar in the Nave-(May 9)

Diocesan events. CAMP GAILOR-MAXON: Interested in a camp where you can hike, swim, make lasting friendships, learn about God, sing songs, and more? Camp GailorMaxon, the oldest Episcopal church camp in Tennessee, is located on Monteagle Mountain. Camp sessions are available for children and youth, ranging from an introductory weekend with a parent for rising 1st-3rd graders to full-week sessions for rising 4th graders to college freshmen. ST. COLUMBA OFFERS FIRST SUNDAY, NOON-4 PM, 4577 BILLY MAHER ROAD: St. Columba Conference & Retreat Center invites you to come enjoy its beautiful natural spaces on the first Sunday of each month from 12:00

GLORY BE GALS & EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN Meetings scheduled as needed. Lisa McIndoo, President SUNDAY BREAKFAST BUNCH— FOURTH SUNDAYS This group meets at the Cupboard on Union Avenue at 9:30 am on the 4th Sunday of each month SERVANT MINISTRY TEAM— SECOND TUESDAYS The Servant Ministry Team meets in the Parish Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4 pm. (May 14) SHORT STORY GROUP Tuesdays at 10 am in the Parish Hall KNITTING & SEWING GROUP 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 1-3 pm, Sara Sadler Room-(May 1 & 15)

noon - 4:00 pm. Bring family and friends to explore your diocesan center's sacred 145-acre campus. Bring a picnic; go canoeing, swimming or hiking; enjoy the outdoor labyrinth and stations

DAUGHTERS OF THE KING The Constance and Her Companions Chapter of the DOK will walk the Cancer Survivors Park Labyrinth at Southern and Perkins, May 19 at 2 pm.


MAY CALENDAR + Every Sunday at 8 AM + Holy Eucharist Rite One + + Christian Formation for all ages at 10 AM + + Every Sunday at 11 AM + Choral Eucharist Rite Two + followed by Hospitality Hour in the Parish Hall

May 5

Tue-7 Wed-8

Thu-9 Sat-11 May 12

Tue-14 Wed-15


The 6th Sunday of Easter 8a Holy Eucharist + Rite I 10 a Christian Formation 11 a Choral Eucharist + Rite II 10 a Short Story Group 8a Eucharist/Breakfast & Gardening 12 n Healing Eucharist 6:30 p Ascension Evensong 9a Pop-Top Ministry The 7th Sunday of Easter Youth Sunday Teacher Appreciation Sunday Mother’s Day 8a Holy Eucharist + Rite I 10 a Christian Formation 11 a Choral Eucharist + Rite II 10 a Short Story Group 4p Servant Ministry 8a Eucharist/Breakfast & Gardening 1p Knitting/Sewing Group 9a Pop-Top Ministry

May 19

Tue-21 Wed-22

8a 11 a 10 a 5:25 p 8a

Fri-24 Sat-25


May 26 8a 9:30 a 11 a 4-6 p


Mon-27 Tue-28 Wed-29

10 a 8a



The Day of Pentecost Holy Eucharist + Rite I Choral Eucharist + Rite II Short Story Group Chapter Meeting Eucharist/Breakfast & Gardening Maria Montessori School Graduation-Nave Pop-Top Ministry Trinity Sunday Holy Eucharist + Rite I Breakfast Bunch Choral Eucharist + Rite II Young Adults at the Andrews Memorial Day- Offices closed Short Story Group Eucharist/Breakfast & Gardening Pop-Top Ministry

The Pop-Top Ministry at St. Mary’s ~ Help Us Feed the Homeless “Truly I tell you: just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did to me.” Matthew 25 “To-Go” meals are handed out each Saturday morning at 9 AM. Here are items needed each week: +Vienna sausages in POP-TOP CANS +pork and beans in POP-TOP CANS +saltine crackers +fruit cups or applesauce in single serving cups +a "sweet" like Little Debbies or other cup cakes +Coca-cola or other soft drinks +bottled water

MAY BIRTHDAYS Remember that the Fellowship Committee helps you celebrate your birthday on May 12 after the 11 AM Eucharist!!! Also, if your birthday is not listed, please contact the church office for an update to our records. 1 Hayden Hedges Loyd Templeton 2 Matt Kelly Marie Stone 3 Richard Freeman Rick Gruber 5 Elizabeth Harber 6 John Tackett 7 Anne Andrews Christine Harber Ashley Skinner 10 Christopher Freeman Carsten Martin 12 William Hickman Anna Ratton

14 Sasha McIndoo 15 Garland Sullivan 16 Robin Horton Errol Moses 17 Ferris Andrews Cynthia Hawes 18 Chisha Nwobilor 20 McKenzie Martin 22 Drew Woodruff 23 Amy George 25 Herbert Cochrane Madeline Duncan Kim Gaskill Gene Woods

26 Karla Templeton 27 Logan Culp Christopher Morice 28 Rebecca Chappell Carol Jones 29 David da Ponte Claire Lee Drew Massengale 30 Andy Prewitt 31 Claire Valine

Altar Flowers for May May 5 + The 6th Sunday of Easter The Altar Flowers are given by Louise Horn to the Glory of Almighty God and in loving memory of her cousin, Louise Ryder Bush. The Paschal Candle Flowers are given by the Cathedral Choir in thanksgiving for and in celebration of the graduation of Dr. Scott Elsholz from Indiana University. May 12 + The 7th Sunday of Easter The Altar Flowers are given by Donna McAdams to the Glory of Almighty God and in loving memory of Gail Monsarrat and Lois McAdams, and in loving memory of her husband, Jere McAdams,

Goal 1: Continue to pursue becoming a “house of prayer for all people” Goal 2: Continue to strengthen Christian Formation programs Goal 3: Expand Community Outreach and Hospitality Programs Goal 4: Enhance our position as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of West Tennessee Goal 5: Continue to design services that support a unique Cathedral identity Goal 6: Present clear, unified, and targeted messages in all communications Goal 7: Staff as needed to support growth Goal 8: Provide funding for all programs and property maintenance Goal 9: Improve facilities for future generations at St. Mary’s and provide for unforeseen emergencies

on the anniversary of his birthday, May 14. The Paschal Candle Flowers are given by Gail Woods to

Just Across the Parking Lot ~ EBS

the Glory of Almighty God and in thanksgiving for her husband, Gene, and in celebration of 40 years of marriage.

Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

May 19 + Day of Pentecost

[email protected]

The Altar Flowers are given by Mary Ann Monteith


to the Glory of Almighty God in loving memory of her husband, Ray Monteith. Open Date for Paschal Candle Flowers.

Healing Eucharist — 2nd Thursdays at Noon

May 26 + Trinity Sunday Open Date for Altar Flowers.

FLOWER MINISTRY AT ST. MARY’S CATHEDRAL Each Sunday the Altar at St. Mary’s is graced with two beautiful arrangements donated by parishioners. There are several ways to donate to the Flower Ministry in memory of, in thanksgiving for, or in honor of loved ones. Suggested donations are: Altar Flowers $125, Branches and Greenery during Lent $75, Paschal Candle $75, Baptismal Font $150, and Bread, Wine and Candles $50. Suggested donation for Easter lilies/palms and Christmas poinsettias/greenery is $25. The Flower Ministry coordinates the donations and has a team to bundle and deliver the Altar Flowers each week to parishioners out in the community. If you would like to donate to the Flower Ministry, please call Jan Morrell at 575-3258 or [email protected] for available dates and more information. We can always use more volunteers for bundling and delivering flowers during the year. Both are done on a rotating basis. Bundling of flowers is done after the 11:00 service and takes about 20 minutes. To volunteer, contact Jan.

At Sisters’ Altar in the Nave Sacrament of Unction and Healing Prayers open to all ~ a 30-minute experience The next service will be MAY 9 at NOON

Sisters’ Chapel Chair Dedications A beautiful, meaningful way to participate in the new life of our Sisters’ Chapel is to provide a chapel chair as a memorial or honorarium for a loved one. The cost is $600 which includes an inscription plaque. Look for the forms or contact the Cathedral office: Judy Phillips 527-3361.

TRANSITIONS Transfer In: Cynthia Hill (Cindy) Moseley, from Calvary Church Burial: Heather Leigh Palumbo on April 28, 2013


Discernment Committee for Same-Gender Blessings to Lead Parish-Wide Forums June 9 and 16 at 10 am

Cathedral Staff & Chapter STAFF (Office Phone 527 . 3361 ) The Very Rev. William E. Andrews III, D. Min., Dean-X106 [email protected] Cell 901.275.4514 The Reverend Laura F. Gettys, Canon Pastor for Parish Life-X118 [email protected] Cell 901.569.5820

In response to the approval of a Rite for the Blessing of SameGender Relationships during the 2012 General Convention of the Episcopal Church, the St. Mary's Chapter has formed a committee to discern how our Cathedral family might make use of the provisional liturgy. Leslie McQuirter, Evelyn Piety, Alison Dowd, Lee Roberts, George Clarke, Jr., John Gaskill, and Dennis Clark are meeting regularly using a four-step discernment process based on the writings of St. Ignatius. They are keeping both the Chapter and Dean Andy Andrews informed on their progress. On Sunday, June 9, and again on Sunday, June 16, a parishwide discussion will be held at 10 am in the Parish Hall. Members of the committee will be on hand to discuss the discernment process and their findings. All are invited to come learn, ask questions, and discuss.

The Rev. Drew Woodruff, Deacon for Social Justice-336.1103 [email protected] The Rev. Dr. Jerry L. Harber, Theologian in Residence [email protected] Judy Phillips, Director of Administration X107 [email protected] Lisa McIndoo, Director of Creative Ministries 335.3800 [email protected] Tericka “Trell” Parker Pearson, Sexton 568.0405 [email protected] Jasper Delaney, Sexton 864.6619 Norma Harrison, Bookkeeper X115 [email protected] Scott M. Elsholz, Canon Organist/Choirmaster 527.6123 [email protected] Tyrus R. Legge, Jr., CAGO, Asst. Organist-Choirmaster X111 Director of Publications [email protected]


Congratulations to Hunter Gossett!!!

Matthew Barnes Matthew Petty Patrick Smith Stuart Deaderick

And congratulations... to Scott Elsholz who received his Doctor of Music from Indiana University.


S t . M ary’s C at he dral 700 Poplar Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38105

Congratulations to these Medical Students...

The Deadline for the next issue of THE CHIMES is MONDAY, May 20

Hunter will graduate from Christian Brothers High School on May 11. He is a third-generation Gossett to attend St. Mary’s—christened in 1994, confirmed in 2010, and served as an Acolyte, Verger, Eucharistic Minister, and Lector. He played freshman football and then rugby in his junior and senior years. He led the Guitar Club at CBHS and also has played the piano for 10 years. Hunter received a superior designation at a regional piano competition. He was selected to serve as a Student Ambassador in the “People to People” program and traveled to Amsterdam to represent the USA by playing tennis. Hunter will enter the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga this fall. He will most certainly be missed by the “eight-o’clockers”!!!

2013: John Gary, Jim Johnson, Mickey Mitchell, Lee Roberts, Sherri Tipton, John Weatherly. 2014: Rebecca Chappell, Anna Holtzclaw, Gillian Steinhauer, Yousef Valine, Gene Woods, Clara Yerger. 2015: Chris Carruthers, Dennis Clark, John Gaskill, Patricia Geelan, Jan Morrell, Steve Kite-Powell. Leadership: Lee Roberts—Chapter Warden; Marcia Wunderlich—Bishop’s Warden; Michael Allen—Finance Chair; Patricia McFarland—Secretary; Ralph George—Treasurer