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“An Irresistible Opportunity” by Dean Andy Andrews 692 Poplar Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38105 Phone 901.527.3361 Fax 901.523.8292

THE CHIMES October 2013 Vol. XI, No. 10

INSIDE THIS ISSUE 2—Christian Formation Sweet Mary’s Café Recipe 3—Youth Heifer Trip West Tenn Haiti Partnership Meet Joe Dunlap Phase 2 Martyrs Exhibit 4—Bench Notes Transitions 5—Opportunities at the Cathedral/in the Diocese 6—Calendar of Events/ Birthdays Pop-Top Ministry 7—Altar Flowers Bookshop Open House 8—Concert Series, Silent Movie

There is something within us that wants to give. Faith-filled people know this. It is a sacred art to claim someone else as sister and brother and then to share what you have with them. Human beings act as a conduit of grace; through our sharing, God most easily moves through us to bless others. In return, we feel blessed in the offering. Jesus knew of this joy. It is an irresistible opportunity to feel alive. He lived his life richly with good works, service, and generosity. He encourages us to be lavish in what we contribute for the common good. In the 21st century, we call it building the beloved community. Small acts of giving ourselves away—through our service and through our giving— to lift up everyone to the higher calling to be children of the Most High. For close to 160 years, St. Mary’s Cathedral is a proven place of hope and Good News. Our aim is to feed and inspire you to be the best person possible in Christ. Our worship services, pastoral care, musical offerings, community feeding, and faith formation is all honed to nurture the souls and raise the imagination of possibilities. We preach only a message of God’s love and mercy for all of us. This is the message of the Gospel that God is on our side and will always provide us with salvation out of our pain and suffering. Thanks for your support. I am continually amazed by the good things we are doing together,


MARTYRS HALL This series continues throughout the Fall & Spring semesters. October 6 —St. Francis Day

Romans 8:18-23, Galatians 6:14-18, Matthew 11:25-30 led by Ellen Klyce October 13—Samuel in the Temple—1 Samuel 3 King David is Anointed—1 Samuel 16 led by Andy Andrews October 20—David and Goliath—1 Samuel 17 King Solomon and Queen of Sheba—1 Kings 3, 10 led by Amit Sen October 27—Naboth’s Vineyard—1 Kings 21 Esther Saves Her People—Esther 1-10 led by Jerry Harber


October 6 & 13– America’s Religious Diversity: A Historical Brushstroke led by Dr. Tom Bremer October 20 & 27— Re-Imagining a Divided Memphis led by Dr. Wanda Rushing

Introducing Sweet Mary’s Café Sunday mornings, 9-9:45 Patten Lounge in the Crypt Join us down in the Crypt’s Patten “Lounge” each Sunday morning as we gather between services to engage in good, quality conversation over fresh coffee and pastries. Couches and newspapers will also be provided. Have your Sunday coffee and paper with us here at St. Mary’s! New CHIMES FEATURE! Recipes from Sunday Morning Hospitality Hour When Anne Andrews serves this dish during Hospitality Hour, it is always a crowd pleaser! Thanks for sharing with us, Anne!!!

Captain Rodney's Cheese Bake FORMATION FOR CHILDREN & YOUTH Ages 0-3, Nursery in the Moody Wing Ages 3-6, Catechesis-Level I Atrium in the Moody Wing Grades 2-5, Sunday School in the Moody Wing Grades 6-12, Youth Class in the Moody Wing

Memphis Center for Food and Faith presents

The Spirituality of Eating


Featuring Dr. Norman Wirzba Professor of Theology and Ecology Duke Divinity School Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 6 PM Reception 7 PM Lecture & Panel St. John’s Methodist Church 1207 Peabody Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 Free and Open to the Public Childcare Provided For Registration and Questions Please Contact [email protected]

1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese 1 cup grated cheddar cheese 2 chopped green onions 8 slices chopped cooked bacon 1/2 cup Captain Rodney's Boucan Glaze (Can be bought at Easy Way.) 12 -20 Ritz crackers Directions: Mix mayo, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and onions in a greased quiche pan or similar. Top with crumbled up crackers -enough to coat, but not too thick. Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, until just bubbling on edges. Remove and top with bacon and glaze. Put back in oven to finish. Need to see bubbling edges and toasty brown crackers. Remove and serve with remaining crackers!

St. Mary’s Youth Group Heifer International Trip

Dixon Gallery and Gardens: Ashe to Amen

Join the st. mary’s youth group as we travel to Heifer international in Perryville, Arkansas on November 9-10, 2013 for a time of fellowship and education. Youth must be 12 years or older and the cost is $45 per person Contact Miranda at [email protected] or 527-3361 to participate.

Dixon Gallery and Gardens is opening a powerful exhibition called Ashe to Am en: African Am ericans and Biblical Imagery, which examines the importance of the Bible and Biblical imagery to the formation of African American aesthetics and expression. The exhibit’s art is drawn from major collections around the country, including the Metropolitian Museum of Art and the Smithsonian.

The West Tennessee Haiti Partnership is pleased to announce the establishment of our new website. Please check it out and see all the exciting things that are going on with your help and support at St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children, Port au Prince, Haiti. The new address is

Dixon Gallery and Gardens 4339 Park Avenue, Memphis, 38117 Office: (901) 761-5250

Take advantage of this possibility as Dixon gives us a special offer: a church bulletin admits the entire family to the exhibition, the Dixon Gallery permanent collection, and the gardens free of charge. Guests may come as often as they like!

Phase Two of Martyrs Hall Exhibit

Meet Joe Dunlap, Assistant Sexton

We hope you have been inspired by Phase One of our Martyrs exhibit in the newly christened Martyrs Hall!

We welcome Joe Dunlap, assistant sexton, to our St. Mary’s Cathedral family and staff. We know that his loving smile and kind heart match the warmth and generosity of our own Cathedral. Get to know him!

In Phase Two, we will expand the martyrs’ story to include the courageous acts of other clergy and community members whose actions had a healing impact upon the epidemic of 1878. We will share St. Mary’s strong stand on social justice during the Civil Rights era of the 1960s, showing St. Mary’s historical desire to be a house of prayer for ALL people. STAY TUNED for these exciting upcoming develop3 ments!

BENCH NOTES A Word From Your Organist/Choirmaster For this month’s article, I continue our semi-regular series, “Get to know your Cathedral Choir.”

Friday, November 1 7pm Evensong for All Saints Day Featuring the St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir and the Calvary Choir

This month’s interview features Matthew Bowlin, one of our fine tenors.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and what brought you to Memphis? I’m originally from Fulton, Kentucky. I moved to Martin, Tennessee in 1992 and graduated from UT Martin with a BMME (Bachelor of Music in Music Education) with a concentration in vocal music. I came to Memphis to teach for the city schools. 2. What type of music do you prefer to listen to in your spare time? I really enjoy listening to choral music. Yes, I'm really a choir nerd! 3. How long have you been singing with the St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir and what do you enjoy most about singing with the Cathedral Choir? I've been with the Cathedral choir for two years this past June. It's hard to say what I enjoy the most. It has a great balance of things; very family oriented and educational. I just love being a part of the beautiful sound that the choir creates as an ensemble. 4. You have quite a musical background. Tell us about some of your musical history and the activities you’re involved with outside of the cathedral. A graduate of UT-Martin, I sang with three ensembles in college and did several musicals. Here in Memphis: Calvary choirs (paid Soli Deo Gloria, Memphis Vocal Arts Ensemble, section leader), Opera Memphis, Rhodes Master Singers, Memphis Men's Chorale (artistic director Scott Elsholz for one year), Memphis Chamber Choir, Memphis Symphony Chorus. Currently I'm a tenor with Beale Canto men's vocal ensemble and the Artistic Director and founder of the Adams Avenue Camerata men's vocal ensemble. 5. What do you love most about St. Mary’s? Being accepted. As an openly gay person, finding a church was very hard.


6. Tell us something interesting about yourself that folks may not know about you. Ever since I was a child, I've always dreamed of being a conductor of a symphony orchestra. Soli Deo Gloria, Scott Elsholz

Sewanee Class of 2016 The first Sunday of each month we will be receiving an offering for our seminarians, Amy George and Lisa McIndoo. Can you find them in the photograph above??

Mary Icon Donations, Please! Dean Andy and Miranda would like your help collecting St. Mary icons to display in the Moody Wing so that we can better honor our patron saint! If you have a piece you’d like to donate, please send it our way. The bookstore also has some great Mary icons if you don’t have anything on hand but would like to contribute. Thanks!

SHILOH TRIP MOVED TO APRIL 2014 Our planned Field Trip to Shiloh National Military Park is not cancelled but is rather postponed and will commence around the anniversary of the battle in April 2014. STAY TUNED for more details on this upcoming trip! Contact Miranda Griffin at [email protected] to find out more or to let her know of your interest!

Transitions Baptism: Astrid Grace Petersen, daughter of Dana and Jes Petersen, 9/15/13 Death: Nadia Strid, 9/27/13

Cathedral Opportunities ~ FYI ►THE DIOCESE OF WEST TENNESSEE E-NEWSLETTER: Sign up for the E-newsletter so you can stay in touch with Diocesan events. ►“SAFEGUARDING GOD’S CHILDREN” TRAINING ON LINE Safeguarding God's Children, the training program for the prevention of sexual abuse of children and youth, is now available online. For more information, contact Judy at [email protected] ►FIRST WEDNESDAY MYSTERY BOOK CLUB: The Mystery Book Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month at noon. Next meeting is October 16 at the Cathedral. All are welcome! ►NEXT HAITI MISSION TRIP IN OCTOBER: The Rev. Drew Woodruff and Dr. Susan Nelson and others will be going to Haiti. They and their team of 17 members can certainly be offered support with prayers and with tax deductible donations made through The Diocese of West Tennessee. Contact Drew at [email protected] with your questions. ►ST. MARY’S SOCIAL GROUP: St. Mary’s Social Group is a large, all-are-invited (who sign up) pot-luck party. Sign up online at You do not have to host in order to participate. Guests bring a dish and whatever they wish to drink. For questions and/or comments, contact Ryan Godbey at 901508-9974 or [email protected].

Memorials & Honoraria In Memory of Ida Legge By Joanne Bowes By Marilyn Dunavant to Music Pro gram By Larry and Martha Morris to Piano Fund By Richard Briscoe By Carol S. Morris By Mr. and Mrs. Dean Buczkowski to Piano Fund In Memory of Edwina Towers By Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gossett By Marilyn Dunavant In Memory of The Rev. Marianne Williams By Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gossett By Mrs. Beverly Williams and Ms. Nancy Wilborn In Memory of the Rev. Clarisse Schroeder By Mr. and Mrs. Jack McFarland to Co ncert Series By Jenks E. McCrory In Memory of Joe Ralph Thompson By The Rev. Reynolds Cheney In Memory of James Ackerman By Peggy Frazer In Memory of Randy Mack By Jenks E. McCrory

Ongoing Programs at the Cathedral In memory of Bruce McCall

CHRISTIAN FORMATION-ALL AGES Julie Campbell Terri and John P. Neal III SUNDAYS AT 10 AM In memory of Maria Magdalena Warwell See page 2!

James G. Hartley-Music Fund In memory of The Rt. Rev. William A. DimMONDAYS AT 6:30 PM mick Peggy andmeeting Loyd Templeton -Chapel Chair Narcotics Anonymous In memory and honor of their parents Claire and Yousef Valine-Chapel Chair TUESDAYS AT 2InPM memory of Clyde Washburn III Servant Leadership Class in Virginia the SaraHorner Sadler and Mary Jenks McCrory Patten Rooms in the Crypt In honor of The Rev. Jerry Harber Wayne Ferguson WEDNESDAYS AT 8 AM In honor of the baptisms of Milla Meiman EUCHARIST-Sisters’ Chapel, BREAKFAST-Parish Hall, and Ives Dobbins Anne and Greg Meiman WALKING THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

THURSDAYS AT 2 PM Bridge newspaper—Martyrs Hall 2nd THURSDAY HEALING EUCHARIST 2nd Thursday of each month ~ Sisters’ Altar in the Nave-(October 10) SUNDAY BREAKFAST BUNCH— FOURTH SUNDAYS This group meets at the Cupboard on Union Avenue at 9:30 am on the 4th Sunday of each month (October 27) SERVANT MINISTRY TEAM— SECOND TUESDAYS The Servant Ministry Team meets in the Parish Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4 pm. (October 8) SHORT STORY GROUP Tuesdays at 10 am in the Sara Sad ler Ro o m MYSTERY BOOK CLUB First Wednesdays at Noon-at the Ep isco p al Bo o k sho p This month’s meeting is October 16. KNITTING & SEWING GROUP 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 1-3 pm Sara Sad ler Ro o m DAUGHTERS OF THE KING The Constance and Her Companions Chapter of the DOK usually meet after the 11 am Eucharist on the 3rd Sunday of the month. (October 20)


OCTOBER CALENDAR + Sunday at 8 AM + Holy Eucharist Rite One + + Sundays at 10 AM + Christian Education for All Ages + + Sunday at 11 AM + Choral Eucharist Rite Two + followed by Hospitality Hour in the Parish Hall Tue-1 10 a Short Story Group 2p Servant Leadership Class Wed-2 8a Eucharist/Breakfast 1p Knitting 7:15 p Choir Sat 5 9a Pop-Top Ministry October 6 The Feast of St. Francis First Sunday of the Month—Seminarian Sunday 8a Holy Eucharist + Rite I 9a Sweet Mary’s Cafe 9:15 a Boys and Girls Choir Rehearsal 10 a Christian Formation 11 a Choral Eucharist + Rite II 4p Blessing of the Animals Tue-8 10 a Short Story Group 2p Servant Leadership Class Wed-9 8a Eucharist/Breakfast 9a Peace & Justice HOPE Workshop 7:15 p Choir Fri 11 7p Concert Series: Silent Movie The General Sat 12 9a Pop-Top Ministry October 13 21st Sunday after Pentecost 8a Holy Eucharist + Rite I 9a Sweet Mary’s Café 9:15 am Boys and Girls Choir Rehearsal 11 a Choral Eucharist + Rite II Tuesday and Wednesday Annual Open House at the Episcopal Bookshop 9:30 a-4:30 p Tue-15 10 a Short Story Group 2p Servant Leadership Class 5:25 Chapter Meeting Wed-16 8 a Eucharist/Breakfast 12 n Mystery Book Club 1p Knitting 7p Choir Rehearsal Thurs-1712n Healing Eucharist Sat-19 9a Pop-Top Ministry October 20 22nd Sunday after Pentecost 8a Holy Eucharist + Rite I 9a Sweet Mary’s Cafe 9:15p Boys and Girls Choir Rehearsal 10 a Christian Formation 11 a Choral Eucharist + Rite II 12:30p[ Daughters of the King meeting, chapel Tue-22 10 a Short Story Group 2p Servant Leadership Class Wed-23 8 a Eucharist/Breakfast 7:15p Choir Rehearsal 25-27 Faith in Action Clean Up Sat-26 9a Pop-Top Ministry October 27 23rd Sunday after Pentecost 8a Holy Eucharist + Rite I 9-10a Stewardship Kickoff Breakfast 9:15a Boys and Girls Choir Rehearsal 10 a Christian Formation 11 a Choral Eucharist + Rite I Tue-29 10 a Short Story Group 2p Servant Leadership Wed-30 8 a Eucharist/Breakfast 7:15p Choir Rehearsal


The Pop-Top Ministry at St. Mary’s ~ Help Us Feed the Homeless “Truly I tell you: just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did to me.” Matthew 25 “To-Go” meals are handed out each Saturday morning at 9 AM. Here are items needed each week: +Vienna sausages in POP-TOP CANS +pork and beans in POP-TOP CANS +saltine crackers +fruit cups or applesauce in single serving cups +a "sweet" like Little Debbies or other cup cakes +Coca-cola or other soft drinks +bottled water

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS Remember that the Fellowship Committee helps you celebrate your birthday on October 13 after the 11 AM Eucharist!!! Also, if your birthday is not listed, please contact the church office for an update to our records.

2 Iolis Carruthers Devin Gardner Lib Lea 3 Robbie McKinney 6 Gillian Steinhauer 7 Tom Edwards 12 Joan Cannon Frankie Haley Warner Moore 13 Matt Morice

14 Marsha Wedell 16 David Adams 18 Robert Bedford 19 Chidozie Nwobilor Trip Vistica 20 Christopher Cooper Amy Vails 21 Andy Alsenas Byler Ellis Richard Montalvo

22 Scott Elsholz Virginia Wood 24 Elizabeth Boggan 25 Dennis Clark 26 Sienna Nelson 29 Lila Saunders

ALTAR FLOWERS FOR OCTOBER October 6-The 20th Sunday after Pentecost The Altar Flowers are given to the Glory of Almighty God by Ty Legge in honor of Dr. Scott Elsholz and the St. Mary’s Boys and Girls Choir. October 13-The 21st Sunday after Pentecost The Altar Flowers are given by Jimmy Prewitt to the Glory of Almighty God and in loving memory of Irene and James Prewitt, Lillian Smith, Carolyn and James Prewitt, Jr., Jack Ringger, Carolyn P. (Tilly) Bell, and Jeanne S. Prewitt October 20-The 22nd Sunday after Pentecost The Altar Flowers are given to the Glory of God and in celebration of the annual reunion of the

Goal 1: Continue to pursue becoming a “house of prayer for all people” Goal 2: Continue to strengthen Christian Formation programs Goal 3: Expand Community Outreach and Hospitality Programs Goal 4: Enhance our position as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of West Tennessee Goal 5: Continue to design services that support a unique Cathedral identity Goal 6: Present clear, unified, and targeted messages in all communications Goal 7: Staff as needed to support growth Goal 8: Provide funding for all programs and property maintenance

Templeton children, Loyd, Tom, John, and Virginia. October 27+ The 23rd Sunday after Pentecost The Altar Flowers are given by Ernest and Pat Kelly to the Glory of Almighty God and in Celebration of their wedding anniversary.

Healing Eucharist — 2nd Thursdays at Noon At Sisters’ Altar in the Nave Sacrament of Unction and Healing Prayers open to all ~ a 30-minute experience The next service will be OCTOBER 10 at NOON


Books Are Just the Beginning The Episcopal Bookshop cordially invites you to its ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE All are welcome! Tuesday & Wednesday, October 15 & 16, 2013 10 am – 4:30 pm

FLOWER MINISTRY AT ST. MARY’S CATHEDRAL Each Sunday the Altar at St. Mary’s is graced with two beautiful arrangements donated by parishioners. There are several ways to donate to the Flower Ministry in memory of, in thanksgiving for, or in honor of loved ones. Suggested donations are: Altar Flowers $125, Branches and Greenery during Lent $75, Paschal Candle $75, Baptismal Font $150, and Bread, Wine and Candles $50. Suggested donation for Easter lilies/palms and Christmas poinsettias/greenery is $25. The Flower Ministry coordinates the donations and has a team to bundle and deliver the Altar Flowers each week to parishioners who cannot attend services. If you would like to donate to the Flower Ministry, please call Jan Morrell at 575-3258 or [email protected] for available dates and more information. We can always use more volunteers for bundling and delivering flowers during the year. Both are done on a rotating basis. Bundling of flowers is done after the 11:00 service and takes about 20 minutes. To volunteer, contact Carol Morris at [email protected]

Sisters’ Chapel Chair Dedications A beautiful, meaningful way to participate in the new life of our Sisters’ Chapel is to provide a chapel chair as a memorial or honorarium for a loved one. The cost is $600 which includes an inscription plaque. Look for the forms or contact the Cathedral office: Judy Phillips 527-3361.

CHAPEL PEWS FOR SALE A full length pew is $600. A pew with the cut outs due to the Chapel columns is $400.



Silent Movie:

The General Friday October 11 at 7 pm Walt Strony will accompany the 1926 silent film, THE GENERAL, starring Buster Keaton. Come laugh, hoot, and holler at the movie screen as the Cathedral is transformed into a 1920’s movie palace!!!

The Memphis Zoo, Downtown Animal Hospital, and MidSouth Spay and Neuter Services will offer their support and education at this annual event. It is sure to be an unforgettable afternoon! Please remember your leashes, kennels, and cages! 8

[email protected] Cell 901.275.4514 The Reverend Laura F. Gettys, Cano n Pasto r f o r Parish Life -X118 [email protected] Cell 901.569.5820 The Rev. Drew Woodruff, De acon f o r Social Justice -336.1103 [email protected] The Rev. Dr. Jerry L. Harber, Theologian in Residence [email protected] Judy Phillips, Dire cto r o f Ad m inistratio n X107 [email protected] Miranda Cully Griffin, Director of Children & Youth Formation Associate for External Communications [email protected] 527.3361 Jasper Delaney, Se xto n 864.6619 Joe Dunlap , Assistant Se xto n 303.2320 [email protected] Norma Harrison, Bookkeeper X115 [email protected] Dr. Scott M. Elsholz Cano n Organist/Ch o irm aste r 527.6123 [email protected] Tyrus R. Legge, Jr., CAGO, Asst. Organist-Choirmaster X111 Associate for Liturgy [email protected] CHAPTER 2013: John Gary, Jim Johnson, Mickey Mitchell, Lee Roberts, Sherri Tipton, John Weatherly. 2014: Rebecca Chappell, Anna Holtzclaw, Gillian Steinhauer, Yousef Valine, Gene Woods, Clara Yerger. 2015: Chris Carruthers, Dennis Clark, John Gaskill, Patricia Geelan, Jan Morrell, Steve Kite-Powell. Leadership: Lee Roberts—Chapter Warden; Marcia Wunderlich—Bishop’s Warden; Michael Allen—Finance Chair; Patricia McFarland—Secretary; Ralph George—Treasurer

The Deadline for the next issue of THE CHIMES is MONDAY, October 21

Join us as we bless and give thanks for our feathered, furry, scaly, slippery friends!

STAFF (Office Phone 527 . 3361 ) The Very Rev. William E. Andrews III, D. Min., De an-X106

S t . M a r y ’s C a t h e d r a l 700 Poplar Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38105

Blessing of the Animals Sunday, October 6, 4 pm Sisters’ Chapel

C at h e d ra l Sta ff & C h a p te r