The Motions Week Three

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THE MOTIONS: Week 3 – Consumers or Consumed? Open in Prayer W elcom e/Introductions/Cast Vision Rem ind the Grow Group of the ground rules Share context of the story [Provide context by sharing the information below.]

In chapter eight of the gospel of Mark, we once again read of Jesus supernaturally providing food for the multitudes. Unfortunately, even while continually seeing Jesus demonstrate the miraculous, the disciples still struggled in their understanding. In verse 21, Jesus questioned them, “Do you still not understand?” Then after healing the blind man in Bethsaida, Jesus asked His disciples a profoundly important question, “Who do people say that I am?” Tell the story – Mark 8:27-38 [Have someone tell the story.] Rebuild the story [Group members tell the story together based on what they remember.] Read the story out loud [Read the scripture passage to see if anything was added or omitted.] Discuss these questions:

1. What do we learn about God from this passage? [Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection conquered sin and freed us from its consequences; sometimes God uses suffering as the vehicle for growing me as His disciple (James 1:2-4); Jesus demonstrated His perfect love for us on the cross; Jesus set the supreme example for us to follow in His steps (I Peter 2:21); following Christ is a moment-bymoment surrender to His will; there is an eternal punishment for those who reject Jesus Christ; etc.]

2. What do we learn about Man/Us from this passage? [I have to make my own decision about who I believe Jesus to be; following Jesus means I take part in His suffering; my goal can shift from glorifying God to satisfying self; I can pursue selfish desires and earthly security; my current suffering cannot compare to what He has prepared for me in heaven (Romans 8:18); when I face opposition, I can quickly grow weary in my faith; when I truly surrender to Christ, I experience indescribable peace; etc.]

3. What is God saying to you specifically through this passage as it pertains to your life, marriage, family, and work? 4. In light of what you’ve learned today, what do you need to do to obey God? Other Q uestions specific to this passage:

1. Have you ever had a boss whose “walk” didn’t match up with his “talk”? Was it hard for you to submit to his leadership and follow his instructions? 2. In which area of your life do you find it most difficult to “take up your cross”? Assign Next week’s passage – M atthew 5:1-6 [Ask someone to tell the story next week.] Close in Prayer

THE MOTIONS: Week 3 – Leadership Coaching The purpose of this page is to help you sharpen your skills as a Grow Group leader. Each week, we will include concepts, challenges, and resources designed to assist you as you lead and shepherd your Grow Group and grow as a disciple yourself.

Leading [learn to facilitate your group more effectively] The last few weeks, we have shared ways for you to help your people walk through the head, heart, and hands process. Here are a few helpful follow up questions that you can ask to help your Grow Group members process what the Lord is revealing to them. (1) What has brought you to that understanding? (2) Can you give an example? (3) Explain a little more. (4) What might be another way to look at it? (5) What does ____ mean? (6) How does ______ apply to everyday life?

Shepherding [know the sheep, feed the sheep, lead the sheep, protect the sheep] People can be difficult. It is a fact of life. Yet God calls us to love everyone, not just those who are easy to love. You may be dealing with a difficult person in your Grow Group right now. Here are a few tips for handling difficult people: (1) Pray for them. It is amazing how God can change your heart toward people when you begin to pray for them. (2) Spend time with them and learn their story. Sometimes, we can show greater sympathy when we understand from where a person is coming. (3) Use the situation for self-examination. The things that annoy you about that individual may very well be the same things with which you struggle!

Developing [grow as a disciple yourself] God has given each of us spiritual gifts to use as we join Him in kingdom work. Spend some time this week contemplating the gifts God has given you. Use a study Bible or Bible dictionary to find out what scripture has to say about those gifts. Pray and thank God for your gifts and seek His direction for using them more fully for His glory.