The Story of the Bible The Story of the Bible

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The Story of the Bible Part 45 The Lord Speaks to Cornelius to Troas AD 37 – AD 50/51

The Lord Speaks to Cornelius The Lord Speaks to Peter in a Trance

Acts 10:1-8 Acts 10:9-16

The Spirit, Peter and the Three Men

Acts 10:17-23

Peter to Cornelius’ House

Acts 10:23-43

The Gentile Pentecost

Acts 10:44-48

Peter Challenged in Jerusalem

Acts 11:1-24

THE BOOK OF JAMES Barnabas Looks for Saul

Acts 11:25-26

First Prophecy of Agabus

Acts 11:27-30

James Put to Death by Herod, AD 43 or 44 Peter’s Arrest and Miraculous Release

Acts 12:1-2 Acts 12:3-17

The Execution of the Guards and Peter to Caesarea Acts 12:18-19 Herod’s Death Barnabas and Saul’s Return to Antioch

Acts 12:20-23 Acts 12:24-13:3

Saul Known as Paul - First Journey Begins

Acts 13:4-12

Cyprus to Perga - John Mark Leaves Team

Acts 13:13 -14

Pisidian Antioch Iconium Lystra

Acts 13:15-51 Acts 13:52-14:7 Acts 14:8-18

The Stoning of Paul in Lystra

Acts 14:19-20


Acts 14:20-28

Disturbing Jewish Christian Teaching in Antioch

Acts 15:1-2

Journey to Jerusalem – AD 50

Acts 15:3-5

The Council of Jerusalem in AD 50 and Peter’s Speech Barnabas and Paul Speak

Acts 15:6-11 Acts 15:12

James Speaks

Acts 15:13-21

James’ Letter Paul and Barnabas, Barsabbas and Silas

Acts 15:22-29

Return to Antioch

Acts 15:30-35; Galatians 2:11-21

Paul and Barnabas Disagreement over John Mark Acts 15:36-41 Derbe - Lystra – Timothy Circumcised Troas

Acts 16:1-4 Acts 16:6-10