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If you read the story too quickly, it might feel like Jesus’ last

week on earth is controlled by religious, regional, or mob power. His few words and apparent willingness to accept what’s next might seem weak in the face of opposition.

Our king is anything but weak.

When we let the whole Bible speak to what’s going on in the heart

and mind of Jesus, we see nothing of weakness. Instead, we stand captivated by the authority and control he wields all week long. Just look at the trial before Pilate.

Convinced of their authority, religious leaders have already

condemned Jesus in a bid to protect themselves. Now, he is handed over to the political authority; the representative of the most powerful government in the world.

In the face of forceful questioning by the Romans, Jesus issues a

powerful rebuke, “My kingdom is not of this earth.” This is not a man weak with fear. Jesus stares down the very power of this world and declares his supremacy over it.

Our king gives us a glimpse at the extent of his kingdom.

It will outlast the rule of Pilate. It will overcome the persecution of

future rulers. It will endure the fall of the Roman empire. It will stretch to every corner of the globe and extend into eternity.

Our king is exceedingly strong.

He is superior in power, more vast in perspective, and completely

sovereign in authority. He knit all men together in their mother’s wombs. And now, he willingly submits to the brutality of hands he designed and curses of lips he formed.


He gives himself up for the glory of God in the salvation of men.

Life certainly seems chaotic as Jesus stands bruised and bleeding in

prisoner’s chains. To his followers, the situation appears wildly out of control as the one who commanded the waves appears to be under the command of men.

But Jesus is always in control.

Though we plot and rage, he will not be thwarted. When those

nearest him doubt and fret, his confidence is sure. We take great comfort in the fact that nothing interferes with God’s plan.

In every detail, he perfectly executes the plan for his glory and your


PRAY Sovereign God, thank you that I have inherited an unshakable kingdom. I praise you that your loving-kindness overwhelms my rebellion. Thank you for the confidence I can have in your hands. Help me to live as a confident subject of my great king.


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