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  The  Venice  Simplon-­‐Orient-­‐Express  heads  to  Berlin  in  2016   A  journey  through  time   26  May  2015  –  In  2016,  the  legendary  Venice  Simplon-­‐Orient-­‐Express  embarks  on  a  new  journey  to   Berlin   taking   guests   on   a   fascinating   journey   through   time.     In   the   tradition   of   the   first   pioneering   days   of   rail   travel,   this   new   route   links   three   historic   European   capital   cities,   London,   Paris   and   Berlin.  The  inaugural  departure  leaves  from  London  to  Berlin  via  Paris  on  Thursday  2  June  2016.   Travelling   in   the   original   art-­‐deco   carriages   of   the   Venice   Simplon-­‐Orient-­‐Express,   evokes   the   glamour   of   the   roaring   1920s   when   Berlin   was   a   post-­‐war   metropolis   with   a   flourishing   arts   and   cabaret   scene.   Today,   Berlin   is   a   monument   to   living   history   as   well   as   the   emblem   of   reunified   Germany   signified   by   striking   architecture   such   as   the   Brandenburg   Gate   and   the   Berlin   Wall   Memorial;    a  thriving  contemporary  arts  scene,  lively  bars  and  gourmet  restaurants.     Departing   London   on   Thursday   2   June,   the   2   day,   1   night   journey   from   London   to   Berlin   allows   guests   the   time   to   slow   down,   relax   and   enjoy   the   journey   as   the   train   makes   its   way   through   Northern  France;  traversing  the  German  countryside  and  arriving  in  time  to  spend  the  weekend   in   one  of  Europe’s  most  fascinating  cities.   Venice  Simplon-­‐Orient-­‐Express  brings  to  life  the  romance  and  nostalgia  of  the  golden  age  of  travel   with   its   luxurious   vintage   carriages.   The   decorative   wooden   marquetry   and   ornate   furnishings   provide  the  stylish  setting  for  memorable  experiences  from  the  fine  dining  in  the  elegant  dining  cars,   to  classic  cocktails,  champagne  and  entertainment  in  the  bar  car.  The  sleeper  cabins  are  attended  to   by  personal  stewards  who  ensure  a  comfortable  journey.    

The   Venice   Simplon-­‐Orient-­‐Express   makes   its   return   journey   from   Berlin   to   Paris   or   London   on   4   June  2016.  Prices  start  from  £2,210  per  person  sharing  a  double  cabin  includes  all  meals  served  on   board.         For  further  departure  dates  or  to  book  please  visit  or  call  0845  077  2222.       Media  Contacts:     Samantha   Strawford,   PR   Director,   0203   117   1377,   [email protected]   /   Emma   Wylde,  Senior  PR  Executive,  020  3117  1379,       About  Belmond  Ltd.   Belmond  Ltd.  is  a  global  collection  of  exceptional  hotel  and  luxury  travel  adventures  in  some  of  the   world’s  most  inspiring  and  enriching  destinations.    Established  almost  40  years  ago  with  the   acquisition  of  Belmond  Hotel  Cipriani  in  Venice,  the  Company  owns  and  operates  46  unique  and   distinctive  hotel,  rail  and  river  cruise  experiences  in  many  of  the  world’s  most  celebrated   destinations.    From  city  landmarks  to  intimate  resorts,  the  collection  includes  Belmond  Grand  Hotel   Europe,  St.  Petersburg;  Belmond  Copacabana  Palace,  Rio  de  Janeiro;  Belmond  Maroma  Resort  &   Spa,  Riviera  Maya;  and  Belmond  El  Encanto,  Santa  Barbara.    Belmond  also  encompasses  safaris,  six   luxury  tourist  trains  including  the  Venice  Simplon-­‐Orient-­‐Express,  three  river  cruises  and  ‘21’,  one  of   New  York’s  most  storied  restaurants.