THERMOLYNE you had to standardize on just one kind of mixer in...

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Gases. Custom blended radioactive mixtures. 190 Gases. Lung diffusion mixtures for single breath and continuous tests. 158 Gases. For x-ray fluorescence spec­ troscopy and nuclear counters. 75 Gases. Zero gases for use with flame ionization instruments. 204

TWO CHAMBER SIZES 4" χ 3%" χ AW - 4" χ 33Λ" χ 9"

Gases. To calibrate oxygen analyzers from 1 p.p.m. to 99.5% oxygen. 201


Gases. Mixtures for use with halogen and helium leak detectors. 193


208 and 240 VOLT MODELS


Gases. Doping gas. Mixtures with phosphine, arsine, or diborane. 179


Gases. Carrier gas is 5% methane and 95% argon. 154 Gases. Hydrocarbon mixtures for calibration of flame ionization. 177 Gases. Mixtures for controlling en­ vironment for culture studies. 166 Grease. Has low vapor pressure for high vacuum work. 35 Hoods. 6-page folder describes stock fume hoods. 184 Hoods. Stone models are non-absorb­ ent, liquid tight. 5 Hoods. Fiberglass models can be easily installed. 14

TYPE 2 0 0 0 with

a u t o m a t i c electronic


ture control. Prices -

$ 2 4 7 . 5 0 to $ 2 5 7 . 5 0 .

Hot Plates. Top plate reaches maxi­ mum temp. (950° F.) in 7 minutes. 4 2 Impactors. For measuring particle size distribution of aerosols. 141 Instruments. For chromatography, zone and gel electrophoresis. 116 Integrators. Disc model installs on standard strip chart. 45 Integrators. Data on fully automated digital model. 216 Ion-exchangers. lose paper.

Literature on cellu­ 28

Ion-exchangers. For chromatography of labile compounds. 79 Lamps. High-intensity mercury vapor arc models for photochemistry. 51

TYPE 1500 with stepless control.



Prices — $145 to $165. Write, w i r e , or phone for complete information and name of nearest dealer.

THERMOLYNE CORPORATION 2555 KERPER BLVD. Dubuque, Iowa, U. S. A. Dept. 4 7 8 Circle No. 80 on Readers' Service Card

Materials. For use in quantitative spectrochemical analysis. 121 Microscopes. Stereo model has easily interchangeable eyepieces. 134 Microscopes. Electron models have 10 angstron resolution or better. 149 Mixers. Model has variable d.c. speeds from a.c. lines. 62

HOW VERSATILE CAN A MIXER BE? If you had to standardize on just one kind of mixer in your laboratory, this gear drive unit would be a good choice. You can mix almost anything* from molasses to methanol w i t h the LIGHTISH Ν Mixer, Model V. It weighs only seven and a half pounds, but is so ruggedly built you can run it for weeks on end. It operates on AC or DC. You can set it to give just the action you want; a separate rheostat varies speed from half to full. And you can purchase it in a gear ratio that matches the kinds of mixing you do most; 1800 rpm for general service, 1000 or 600 rpm for viscous fluids. Fully guaranteed. Supplied with remov­ able 12-inch shaft and 2-inch propeller in 316 stainless steel or Monel, tank clamp or ring-stand clamp in bronze. Order from your supply house, or write us. Specify LIGHTNIN Model V Mixer: With semi-enclosed motor, AC-DC $72.00 Rheostat, 150-watt, 150-ohm $15.90 •If you're mixing volatile liquids, you'd be better off with our Model 10X with explosionproof motor, or with compressed-air-driven Model ARL To get a bulletin describing these and other heavy-duty LIGHTNIN Mixers for the laboratory, write us or check the reader service card.

Lightnin® Mixers MIXING EQUIPMENT Co., Inc. 160-g Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester 3, Ν. Υ. In Canada: Greey Mixing Equipment, Ltd., 100 Miranda Ave., Toronto 19, Ont. In Europe: Lightnin Mixers, Ltd. Poynton, Cheshire, England Circle No. 61 on Readers' Service Card

VOL. 36, NO. 8, JULY 1964 • 127 A