Title AWANA Leader Purpose The purpose of an

Title AWANA Leader Purpose The purpose of an...

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Title AWANA Leader Purpose The purpose of an AWANA leader is to lead and disciple children through personal example utilizing Bible memorization, prayer, and friendship. Qualifications • Personal and continuous relationship with Jesus Christ through salvation by grace. • Regular church attendance. • Ability to relate to children of this age. • Completion of EWO volunteer application.

Responsibilities • Regular/habitual and timely attendance on Wednesday nights from 6:15-8:00 PM. • Be in uniform at all times during the evening. • Participation on color line during Game Time. • Sit among the children during Devotion Time. • Listen/encourage children to say sections during Handbook Time. • Be involved with planning on at least one outing a year (Overnighter, Service Project, Trip, etc.) • Be in attendance at club outings. • Attend AWANA Leader meetings. Organizational Relationships Guidance given from Club Director and AWANA Commander. Objectives • Each leader should be willing to learn how to lead a child to Christ, even if the leader is uncomfortable in doing so. This will be covered during leader training. • Each leader should commit to pray for the children in their group, and for other leaders, and for the presenter during Devotion Time.