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How to Make a World of Difference, Part 3 Go

Jonah 3

1. The _____________ barrier

2. The _____________ barrier

3. The _______________ barrier

Today’s Music Go Matt Crocker Your Grace is Enough Matt Maher Oceans Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, Saloman Ligthelm Great Are You Lord David Leonard, Jason Ingram, Leslie Jordan At Your Name Phil Wickham, Tim Hughes

Seabreeze CCLI#105966 Unless otherwise stated, verses are quoted from the New International Version of the Bible by permission of Zondervan Publishers.

My Next Step today is to... go with purpose this week. read “More Than a Carpenter.” read Jonah.

Bevan Unrau May 15, 2016

Growth Group Homework – May 15, 2016 How to Make a World of Difference: Go

5. Bevan shared the story of his Aunt Jenny and how the decision to share Jesus impacted generations. Do you have an “Aunt Jenny” in your life? How have you seen the ripple effect of their willingness to share?

For those who have received God’s grace, He tells us to “go” and tell others about His grace. Bevan explained that if we are going to do this, we have to go through the cost barrier, the fear barrier, and the words barrier. This is what we see in Jonah chapter three. If we want others to experience the grace we have received, it is on us to go and tell them.


1. After Bevan’s message, did you look up your name on Any results? 6. What barrier is most difficult for you to overcome and why?

2. The “Zone of the Unknown” is when we are outside our comfort zone. When was the last time you were in the “Zone of the Unknown”? What happened?

7. Read Colossians 4:2-6. What elements of sharing your faith do you see in this passage? What might be the importance of these?

Talk it Over

3. What part of this week’s message stood out to you and why?

Bring it Home

8. Part of being obedient to God’s command to go is to start sharing His grace in the places we are already going. Make a list of a few places you go on a regular basis. What are some of the ways you could go to these same places next time with the purpose of sharing grace?

4. Read Acts 9:10-19. How would you feel in Ananias’ place? What were the barriers he had to overcome?

Memorize: Colossians 4:3-4 Additional Reading: The Book of Jonah