Transitional Pastor

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We, the members of the Session of

, accept (name of congregation) as our Transitional Pastor, to guide us in the way of Jesus Christ.

(name of Teaching Elder) The start date of this agreement is


The initial contract period is ___________ months. This agreement may be extended by the Session and the Transitional Pastor, with the concurrence of the Connecting our Ministries Commission. Both the Session and the Transitional Pastor agree to a 60-day notification period prior to terminating this agreement. If the Session terminates the agreement with less than a 60-day notification, salary and benefits shall be continued for the rest of the 60-day period. The Transitional Pastor will not terminate this agreement in a time frame less than 60 days, except in cases of personal or medical emergency. Once the PNC has issued a prospective call to a new installed pastor, the Transitional Pastor is free to accept another position at a point. We promise to encourage you, to respect your decisions, and to follow as you guide us, serving Jesus Christ who alone is the head of the church. We promise to pay you fairly and to provide for your welfare as you work among us, to stand by you in trouble and share your joys. We will listen to the word you preach, welcome your pastoral care, and honor your authority as you seek to honor and obey Jesus Christ our Lord. We obligate ourselves to the terms in this agreement. We mutually agree that we will communicate expectations directly, and that we will resolve such issues in this call as may arise in the spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord. We agree to follow the Presbytery of Donegal’s guidelines for regular ministry review and its policies for transitional ministry. Date of Session Meeting: _______________________ Signatures: Moderator: ____________________________________________________________Date________________ Clerk of Session_________________________________________________________ Date________________ Transitional Pastor ______________________________________________________Date________________ Presbytery Stated Clerk or Executive Presbyter________________________________ Date________________ 2018 New ToC Signatory Form – Transitional