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New Zealand Inline Hockey Pre - Trial Bulletin Dec 1st

Trial Information for December 5th and 6th Thanks to those of you who have indicated an expression of interest to attend trials. The following should be noted. In you are planning on attending trial and plan to trial in a different age group, you are required to trial in your age grade as well. Please make sure you arrive in time to attend at the correct time. A reminder of the age grades detailed in the AAU Bulletin and other information received by email form organisers.

14U born on or after 01/01/2001 16U born on or after 01/01/1999 18U born on or after 01/01/1997 23U born on or after 01/01/1992 35+ Turns 35 at any time up until the first day of competition in 2016 (July) Citizenship Requirement is more relaxed for AAU than World Championships NZ Passport/ Residency and or “living in NZ (long term)” are accepted for 2016. The trial fee is $60 and is due on registration. You are required to register before taking the rink. Please note the schedule may change later in the day. Notification will be given via the notice board and by coach and/ or selectors. The Sunday schedule has now been released but subject to change. All grades will be allocated a trial time on Sunday as well. Dispensations will be advised as soon as possible after Dec 1 st. Players given dispensation will be listed in the office at trial and notified by email. Thank you Krys Beardman General Manager - Operations