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U.S. Analytical Instruments can solve most oftheproblems in this picture. Charles, I can't approve purchase of an instrument you may only use for three months.

Can't you run these samples manually? I know it's more time consuming, but we can't afford the accessories.

No way can wc fit a gas chromatograph into this year's budget. Charles, couldn't you occasionally dust the lab? Why can we afford to send the samples out for months on end when we can't afford the analyzer? Ours is not to question, Charles . . . . I can't approve the "purchase if you're not sure the instrument will do thejob.

Seems like there's always a reason why you can't buy the instrument you need to get the work done properly. But now you can rent or lease that instrument, from U.S. Analytical Instruments. We have a large inventory of the latest gas and liquid chromatographs, mass spectrometers, IR, UV/VIS, and AA spectrophotometers, as well as many other types of analytical instruments and accessories. All the major brands are avail-

able for immediate delivery, at monthly rates that stretch today's limited budgets. We're a new division of U.S. Instrument Rentals, a U.S. Leasing Corporation subsidiary that's been renting electronic equipment to labs nationally for years. So you can count on us for professional service. And since we specialize in analytical instruments, we're sensitive to your needs. Let us explain the details.

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