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U.S. Bank Freight Payment Small parcel solutions Enhancing financial visibility, accountability and planning The increasingly complex nature of small parcel shipments makes it difficult to get a timely, accurate picture of true cost and service fulfillment. High volumes, multiple surcharges, contracted delivery guarantees, limited access to information — it all adds up to a complicated invoicing process prone to inaccuracies and unnecessary cost. U.S. Bank Freight Payment can help you address these challenges with robust solutions that provide:

Decision management Rate/mode optimization Carrier selection Contract governance Revenue tier management

Audit Contracts Billing Service performances Rebates Rates

Financial control

Business intelligence

Cost allocation Invoice payment preparation GL/AR coding

Custom reporting Dashboard reporting Forecasting and trending Real time, on demand data

Gain visibility and improve control

Increase savings

If your organization relies on small parcel shipments, look to U.S. Bank Freight Payment to reduce manual processes, improve accuracy and provide the visibility and insight needed to gain efficiencies. Our automated payment solution tracks and reports delivery performance, conducts pre- and post-payment audits, processes and pays invoices, and provides detailed reports highlighting savings opportunities.

U.S. Bank Freight Payment provides a wealth of process improvement opportunities. Items that can be identified within your supply chain to help reduce cost include vendor misuse of accounts, optimized mode selection and incorrect delivery address and location coding. By highlighting these errors and opportunities, the solution enables you to update your records and prevent additional, repetitive fees.

Enhance strategic decision making

Automated cost recovery

Dynamic, real-time reporting coupled with proactive account management gives your organization unprecedented visibility to information that can drive more cost-efficient shipping decisions. Take advantage of deeper discounts from bundled packages. Save money by identifying optimal shipping methods. Develop strategies that avoid premium pricing. Access to more complete shipping data empowers you to make more informed decisions and to recognize new opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

High shipment volumes make it difficult to identify overpayments for services not rendered, and negotiate repayment. U.S. Bank Freight Payment identifies events that trigger overpayment, and recovers the costs. This automated solution recovers expenses caused by incorrect rates and service levels.

Improve process efficiencies Preparing and organizing small parcel invoices for payment is time consuming and labor intensive. U.S. Bank Freight Payment automates the process, eliminates the need for manual management, and frees up staff time from invoice processing tasks. More efficient processing presents new opportunities for cost savings.

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