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U.S. Bank Freight Payment Small Parcel application Delivering greater savings and value The increasingly complex nature of small parcel shipments makes it difficult to get a timely, accurate picture of true cost and service fulfillment. High volumes, multiple surcharges, contracted delivery guarantees, limited access to information — it all adds up to a complicated invoicing process prone to inaccuracies and unnecessary cost. Gain visibility and improve control

Improve process efficiencies

The Small Parcel application within U.S. Bank Freight Payment provides a fully automated payment solution that tracks and reports delivery performance, conducts pre- and post-payment audits, processes and pays invoices, and provides detailed reports highlighting savings opportunities. If your organization relies on small parcel shipments, U.S. Bank Freight Payment Small Parcel application can reduce manual processes and paper, while increasing efficiency, accuracy and cost savings.

Preparing and organizing invoices for payment is time consuming and labor intensive. The U.S. Bank Freight Payment Small Parcel tool automates the process, eliminates the need for manual management, and frees up staff time from invoice processing tasks. More efficient processing presents new opportunities for cost savings.

Automated cost recovery High shipment volumes make it difficult to identify overpayments for services not rendered, and negotiate repayment. U.S. Bank Freight Payment Small Parcel application automatically identifies events that trigger overpayment, and recovers the costs — all without manual intervention. This automated solution recovers expenses caused by incorrect rates, late deliveries, and manifested but unshipped packages.

Increase savings Incorrect delivery addresses can trigger several repetitive fees between the initial incorrect delivery and address correction on your system. Addresses that are incorrectly coded as residential rather than business can also incur ongoing, unnecessary surcharges. The Small Parcel application automatically identifies incorrect addresses and location coding, allowing you to update your records and prevent additional, repetitive fees.

Enhance strategic decision making Dynamic, real-time reporting gives your organization unprecedented visibility to information that can drive more cost-efficient shipping decisions. Take advantage of deeper discounts from bundled packages. Save money by identifying optimal shipping methods. Develop strategies that avoid premium pricing. Access to more complete shipping data empowers you to make more informed decisions and to recognize new opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

U.S. Bank Freight Payment Small Parcel Platinum Package For businesses with more than 10,000 small packages per month, U.S. Bank Freight Payment provides custom services for your complex business. In addition to our standard Small Parcel service, the Small Parcel Platinum Package offers: • Personal account management • Implementation and training • Advanced business intelligence • Dashboard reporting

• Yield management • Custom hierarchy module • Strategy development • Claims process

Personal account management

Advanced business intelligence

Our dedicated service and support team provide proactive daily management of your small parcel process, including:

Gain additional data elements critical to your business decision making with the Business Intelligence Module. This module provides:

• Exception processing and follow up • Contested charges: • Over rating/Under rating • Review and analytics • Presentation to client and carrier • Refund/credit recovery assistance • Contract and location administration

Implementation and training In addition to our standard implementation and training processes, Platinum Package customers also receive customized account coding to provide you the specific level of detail and insight needed for your business.

• Transportation summary • Invoice status summary • Fee opportunity matrix

Dashboard reporting Share key small parcel details with high level management reporting. Monitor trends and key small parcel cost drivers such as: • Freight • Fuel • Accessorial summary • Rolling average • Revenue tier management • Roll up by company and by product

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Yield management summary reporting Monitor fully allocated net cost by product, weight, zone and accessorial including: • Single package • CWT/multi weight • Combined carrier summary

Custom hierarchy module Gain a cross-business line view of small parcel spend. The custom hierarchy is integrated with advanced business intelligence tools that allow you to parse data into selected categories, segments or business units.

Strategy development Leverage a team of small parcel experts to develop and present key data and analytics, including: • Data and network analytics • Navigation of complex contracts • Planning/Budgeting • Technical training/ Management development • Revenue generation • Sourcing and optimization

Claims process Let our dedicated claims representatives handle your timeconsuming and labor-intensive lost and damaged package claims. Pricing is based on a 35% contingency pricing for recovered claims.