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U.S. Bank Program Optimization exclusively from U.S. Bank

Create a more efficient and profitable payment strategy Make your commercial card program work for you with Program Optimization from U.S. Bank. This no-cost assessment will help you gain maximum value from your card program. Whether you currently use purchasing cards, one cards or travel cards—or are planning to in the future—the program optimization process can identify new savings opportunities that will improve your business’s overall economic health. Our consultative service delivers specific recommendations based on your unique processes, systems and goals. A single change could be all it takes to create a series of benefits that flow through your entire procure-to-pay process.

Leverage spend data to gain knowledge, control and profitability

This 4-step qualitative and quantitative assessment employs the most sophisticated tools to harvest valuable procurement and payment data. That data can then be used in a variety of ways to extract more value from your program.

Optimal Knowledge

Optimal Control

Optimal Profitability

• Understand how your card performance compares to peer companies

• Improve spend visibility and cash forecasting

• Improve working capital

• Identify and select suppliers that support your overall procure-to-pay initiatives • Determine the best payment strategy based on type of expenditure

• Rationalize supplier base and negotiate better pricing/payment terms • Reduce the risk, cost and paper associated with check payments

• Reduce transaction costs • Increase rebate opportunities

Our simple process can create exponential value throughout your financial operations Comprised of four simple steps, Program Optimization requires little additional effort on your part. From analysis to implementation we are there managing and facilitating the process, so you can stay focused on bigger business issues. Here’s how it’s done:


Conduct analysis

During this phase, we analyze your existing program utilizing a suite of the most sophisticated analytical tools, such as the Best Practice Diagnostic, Accounts Payable Analysis, Industry Benchmark Analysis and more. This analysis enables us to leverage our industry expertise and establish a baseline from which we will enhance your program.


Present findings & recommendations

Once our analysis is complete, we’ll present you with the results of our findings as well as provide you with an understanding of how your card program performance compares to peer companies.


Develop plan & execute

Based on the goals you’ve identified, we’ll tailor an action plan that will help you achieve them.

Monitor results & progress

Once the plan is put into action, we will continue to support you by providing results at key milestones and identifying your next improvement goals. We will be an ongoing resource for you, always looking for ways to enhance your program as your business grows.


Get started with Program Optimization today: Contact your U.S. Bank representative to gain more knowledge, control and profitability out of your card program. Call us at 866.274.5898 or visit us at ©2013 U.S. Bank National Association. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. CPS 3768 (R-08/13)