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U.S. Bank Access® Online Mobile App Overview

View and manage your accounts anywhere, anytime U.S. Bank Access® Online Mobile is an exciting new option for managing your commercial card accounts. In a meeting, on the road, or just on the go? The Access Online Mobile app gives you anytime access to your account, so you can quickly manage and stay on top of your business expenses. It’s a great tool for encouraging good account management – and reducing the number of inquiries program administrators receive every day. Download the free app from AppleTM or AndroidTM today and begin using your smartphone to: Request a virtual account and receive it on your mobile device to make a payment over the phone or online. Use the new convenient ePay service to pay for expenses that are not reimbursable under your corporate guidelines. View your account status, balance, payment due date, available credit balance and credit limit. Search, filter and sort your 99 most recent transactions, including credits and debits, by merchant, amount or date. Drill down to transaction details, such as merchant name, city and state, transaction amount and post date to easily facilitate reconciliation and reporting.

Once you have installed the Access Online mobile app, login is easy. Enjoy the convenience of requesting a virtual account within the app. U.S. Bank: Industry Leader in Mobile

Find your card information easily, even when you don’t have the plastic with you. All of your details are stored in the app for convenient but secure access.



Getting Started is Easy The Access Online mobile app makes it easier than ever to manage your commercial card accounts virtually anytime, anywhere. Signing in is quick and simple, and just as secure as accessing U.S. Bank Access Online. In order to use the Access Online Mobile app, you will need to: 1. Be an U.S. Bank Access Online user. To become an Access Online user, you can register online. Users will have the same credentials in U.S. Bank Access Online and the mobile app. 2. Have your Access Online credentials: User ID Password Organization Short Name (OSN)

New! Request a Virtual Account on the Go All employees with an Access Online user ID can use the app to request a virtual card. Simply download the app and select “Create a Payment Request.” You’ll be able to check the status of your request and access your approved account right from your mobile phone.

Protection and Security

No sensitive account information is stored on your mobile device, and the highest level of secure encryption is used to protect all your transmissions.

3. Use a supported Apple or Android mobile device 4. Download the app to your device

New! Pay for out-of-policy charges with the convenience of ePay If a cardholder needs to repay personal or out-of policy charges, simply select “Pay Now” and the ePay website will launch in a new window.

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Experience and Mobile Innovation U.S. Bank is among the financial industry’s leading innovators in mobile because we engage customers and other recognized principals in our development process. Our experience ensures that we can collaborate to build innovative customer value to meet your commercial card program needs. U.S. Bank - Industry Leader in Mobile.

 hort listed as one of the top two banks that S received the highest scores for Forrester Research, Inc.’s 2014 Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark of mobile innovators

 .S. Bank’s head of mobile banking, Niti U Badarinath, named BTN’s 2014 Digital Banker of the Year

U.S. Bank has been a pioneer in the commercial payments business since first developing the purchasing card in the 1980s, and we haven’t stopped. With our proven payment experience and award-winning mobile platforms, we continue to develop new and exciting features and functionality to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

For more information on the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app, please contact your U.S. Bank Representative or call 866.274.5898. ©2015 U.S. Bank National Association. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. CPS 3860 (R-09/15) MMWR-67022