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Book of Newsletter Mormon

My Goal: To encourage me to be valiant in standing as witnesses of Jesus Christ.

Abinadi and King Noah ——

Primary 4 Lesson: 11

Are you living with integrity? I am honest about how I spend my time. True False I feel good about my choices, not guilty or embarrassed True False I use the same words at school as I use at home and church True False I treat people well no matter who’s watching True False I don’t hide what I’m watching, reading or listening to True False I don’t have to worry I’ll be overheard saying something mean True False If you answered mostly true, you’re doing well. If you need to make some changes, here are some ideas to get you started. Make a plan. What will you do the next time you want to watch or do some- thing you know you shouldn’t? Put it down, turn it o , and walk away. Go work on a project or do something fun. Talk to your parents or someone you trust. Often, feeling like you have to lie is the worst part. Being honest is a relief, and it’s important to have someone on your side to help you do better. Repent and do better next time. If you mess up, don’t give up! Heavenly Father never gives up on us, and we shouldn’t either. Keep praying for help and keep trying your best. Remember that Heavenly Father loves you, no matter what!

Study & Discuss (with your family) Mosiah 11:1–2, 20–21, 26–29

; 12:1–9; and Mosiah 17


by Rudy and Lyn Montes ©

2. How King Noah died. 4. Alma wrote down the _____ of Abinadi. 9. What Nephite men left behind when Lamanites attacked (3 words). 12. "Touch me not, for God Shall _____ you if ye lay your hands upon me". 17. Where Alma and his followers settled (3 words). 18. Prophet who suffered death by fire. 19. Where Abinadi was put before death.

Down: 1. King of the Nephites (2 words). 3. ______ King Noah. 4. Where Alma baptized many people (3 words). 5. Abinadi called King Noah and his priests to do this. 6. Tried to slay King Noah. 7. Land where Noah lived. 8. Questioned Abinadi. 10. One of King Noah's priests. 11. Noah's successor. 13. What King Noah commanded soldiers to do to Alma and his followers. 14. People who killed King Noah. 15. One of the first people baptized by Alma. 16. Attacked Nephites.