Vision WMS Vision Forecasting Vision Mobile Benefits

Vision WMS Vision Forecasting Vision Mobile Benefits -

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Benefits: Sterling Shoes Implements Jesta I.S.’ Vision Merchandising and Vision Store Software across Canada in 90 days

Vision WMS manages and optimizes the flow of goods within an enterprise distribution center. It provides complete insight into your inventory with the ultimate goal of delivering efficiency in the movement of goods in a warehouse. Vision WMS offers

Town Shoes completed the acquisition of 69 Sterling Shoes stores in April 2012. Post acquisition, one of the most immediate IT challenges for Town Shoes was to select

wholesale, retail store and consumer-direct web order

POS and Merchandising software solutions

fulfillment capabilities. Vision MobileWMS facilitates all picking,

for all Sterling stores that could be quickly

shipping and relocating to be accomplished with little need to

implemented by Labor Day weekend.

access a physical workstation.

All 69 Sterling Shoes stores needed to be

Vision Forecasting

simultaneously switched over to the new

is designed for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors to better predict customer, partner and direct sales channel demand. This results in more accurate inventory management and customer service decisions, leading to optimized supply chains and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Vision Store system and taken live. Despite the challenge of a narrow implementation window, all 69 Sterling stores went live with Vision Store and Vision Merchandising. This allowed stores to conduct normal business operations on Vision Store when stores opened on Labor Day, and enabled buyers to place orders for the

Vision Mobile

upcoming season.

is an enterprise mobile platform that leverages the foundation

“I’m proud of the way Jesta I.S. and the Town

of industry leading Vision Suite for retailers, wholesalers and

Shoes team planned and collaborated in order

brand manufacturers. Vision Mobile is designed to provide

to execute this amazing feat of rolling out Vision

access to enterprise analytics and workflow management

Store POS system to 69 stores within 3 months,”

functions, wherever and whenever you need them.

said Arvind Gupta, EVP Development and

Contact: Diana Ferraez, Marketing Manager and Director of Latin America Phone: 514-925-5100 ext 4277 Email: [email protected] NRF Booth # 1305

To learn more about Jesta I.S. solutions, download the recent whitepaper titled: Finding the Right Fit: Software for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers and Self-Sourcing Retailers

Client Strategy. “This success further validates our products’ robust architecture and rapid deployment methodology.”

Vision WMS • Increases operating efficiency and improves receiving, internal movement and shipping. • Maximizes accuracy and productivity with mobile directed activities in real-time. • Improves partner relationships through support of Advanced Ship Notices (ASN), inbound planning. • Manages merchandise in the distribution center via mobile systems. • Reduces lead time and free up working capital by accelerating the flow of merchandise.

Vision Forecasting • Graphical representation of forecasts and seasonal indexes enable much quicker grasp of ensuing trends and seasonality. • More than 30 Forecasting algorithms to automatically determine best-fit forecast for seasonal, fashion, short life cycle and basic product categories. • Automatic forecast confidence scorecards deliver feedback on estimated statistical error for improved forecasting decisions.

Vision Mobile • Works directly with the Vision Suite of applications and provides seamless flow of information between enterprise data and mobile users. • Enables consumers to browse retailer product catalogues, create gift registries and wish lists, publish product feedback via social media and submit product order requests for fulfillment via integrated online portals. • Delivers improved productivity for retailers in both stores and head offices, and increases field productivity for wholesalers and brand manufacturers by enabling support for field service transactions and orders in a real-time environment. • Offers streamlined checkout functionality, enabling our clients to provide mobile POS capability, decreasing checkout times and improving customer satisfaction and conversion rates.