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F OR EDUCATI ONA L D I SPLAY + VI SUA L C OMMUNICATI ON Whiteboards allow thoughts and learnings, be it a picture, or a display of information where others can see them, process and further build upon. When everyone is sharing information together, they are communicating and learning together, increasing productivity and engagement. VISION Premium Whiteboards are a high quality porcelain on steel whiteboard with ultra smooth surface and high durability that makes them perfect for hard-working environments such as classrooms, training facilities, and offices.

KE Y FEAT URE S »» »» »»

Porcelain writing surface with 50 year surface guarantee Magnetic receptive Enhanced visibility and erasibility

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Low light reflection for optimum eye comfort Durable and hard-wearing, resistant to scratches and stains Hidden, easy to install wall fixings Aluminium penrail included Alternative surface colours of white, grey, chalkboard Specialised laser-etched designs available Fully customisable to suit Manufactured in New Zealand by Potter Interior Systems

FLATLINE SERIE S The Flatline Series Premium Whiteboard has clean lines and a flat aluminium frame. » » Standard frame option in silver anodised » » Available in a wide range of standard sizes, or custom manufactured to suit » » Frame can be powdercoated to your colour of choice » » Corner capped or mitred options

EDGELINE SERIE S The Edgeline Series Premium Whiteboard is frameless offering a clean and minimalist look. » » Available in a wide range of standard sizes, or custom manufactured to suit » » Floor to ceiling whiteboard wall options