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For office use: A/Initial

VOLUNTEER July 9-13, 2018 • 6:00-8:00pm

Volunteer’s Name ______________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________ City, State, Zip __________________________________________________ Contact Phone #1_______________________#2 ______________________ Home Church __________________________________________________ Emergency Contact _________________________Phone_______________ Allergies o None o Yes (please list) _____________________________ Consent and Medical Release Information. Please check any that apply: o Diabetes o Heart Trouble o Epilepsy o Thyroid Problems o Asthma o Rheumatic Fever Completed Safe Sanctuary @ LHUMC o YES (Date_________________________)

o No

Campers choose from: l Crafts e l Scienc & Rec s t r o p S l l Pre-K & ar ten  Kinderg Thank

you fo r helpin g shar e the lo ve of Jesus with o ur commu nity!

Please check T-Shirt Size: (Paid $5 for new T-Shirt) o YES o No o Youth SML

o Youth MED o Youth LG

o Adult SML

o Adult MED

o Adult LG

o Adult XL   o Adult 2XL

(You may wear a shirt from previous year if you have one already.) Please check areas you are interested in helping with: (we will do our best to place you there)

o Anywhere needed

o Crafts

o Pre-K & Kindergarten o Snacks

o Science

o Games & Rec

o Daily Setup (4:30pm)

o First Aid/Safety

o Missions - Pennies, Change

o Music/Youth Band

o Dance Leaders (4-6 Youth)

Light meal provided daily in Sanctuary dining room 5:00-5:40p.m. Please attend brief VBS meeting on June 17 at noon (after 2nd service)

23606 FM 2100 / PO Box 886 Huffman, TX 77336 Find out more at our website www.LakeHoustonUMC.com or call (281) 324-1541