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Primary Contact E-mail

Primary Phone Website Sponsorship Offer: Sign up for an Enhanced Directory listing and get a small banner ad FREE for three months!

 Enhanced Directory Listing      

Priority placement above basic members Search results description, logo & your website link 20 Keywords, 5 Highlights 1600 character description, logo, map link & social network links 6-10 photos & link to YouTube video Enhanced map features; includes picture, web link, directions link and more

 Small Banner Ad     

Banners are viewed tens of thousands of times 10X more visits to your website

$100 / 3 months $250 / 1 year

Prominent visibility with direct link to your site Ad displays throughout the entire website (except homepage) Ad specs are 200x250 pixels Recognized as Chamber Website Sponsor Highest placement in directory search results

Payment Options Check # VISA


Clicked on 3X more than basic listing 6X more visits to your website than basic listing

$75 / 3 months $150 / 1 year

Prominent visibility with direct link to your site Ad displays in selected locations including Events and Business Directory Ad specs are 400x60 pixels Recognized as Chamber website sponsor Higher placement in directory search results

 Large Banner Ad     

$125/for duration of membership!

Premier visibility throughout the entire website

$ Amount AMEX Card #



Billing Street & Zip Signature


Specs for the small banner ad are 400X60 pixels. Specs for the complete large, global side column ad are 200X250 pixels. All graphics must be in either jpeg or gif files. Please send payment and artwork to [email protected]. Upon receipt of your ad and your payment, we will post your banner ad and send you instructions on how to make the most of your enhanced directory listing. Member is responsible for completing enhanced directory listing content. Banner ads display period begins upon receipt of payment.