Wedding Fees (WG Church Wedding)

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Wedding Fees (WG Church Wedding) Wedding Bulletins (8½ x 11 or 8½ x 14)

Bulletins may not be ordered in quantities less than 100; some companies require a minimum order of 300. Average cost is $10 per 100.

Custodian Check to be made out to Jen Stearns.


Organist/Musicians/Soloists Check to be made out to individuals and fees should be negotiated with them. Wedding Coordinator Check to be made out to your coordinator. Pre-Wedding Meeting, Rehearsal and Wedding (If it is a holiday weekend, the fee is $300.) Each additional meeting with Wedding Coordinator Pastor



An appropriate fee for the Pastor is $200 or more. Check to be made out to the Pastor. (If it is a Holiday weekend, the fee is $250 or more.)

Sound Assistance Check to be made out to your sound technician.

Church Rental Check to be made out to The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens. Additional Time in the Church A couple is given 4 hours for use of the facilities. If more time is needed, please check with your coordinator. A $35/hour fee will apply.

$80 $500

All fees should be given to your Coordinator at the rehearsal. Each should be paid individually.