What Does Medicaid Expansion Mean to You?

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What Does Medicaid Expansion Mean to You? Do you have health insurance?


Increasing Coverage Stems Costs for Everyone

You will be able to purchase health insurance on a health care insurance exchange.

Is your annual income more than $30,600 a year.

Congress and the President have reduced the amount the federal government reimburses Texas hospitals to care for Medicare patients by $13.0 billion over the next 10 years.

Yes You will qualify for health care insurance under Medicaid.


Yes if Texas expands Medicaid?

if Texas does not expand Medicaid?

The burden of uncompensated care is reduced and limits impact on tax payers and private health insurance premiums.


Center for American Progress Action Fund update of research * SOURCE: performed by Kenneth Thorpe for Families USA; CMS; MEPS

Your employer pays higher health care insurance premiums. * Amount shifted annually to those with health care insurance.


24% Number of uninsured in Texas.




You and your employer help defray the costs associated with uncompensated care through higher premiums.

expand health coverage to many people who presently are uninsured.

You pay higher health care insurance premiums along with your employer.


of the Texas Population is Uninsured.



Uncompensated care provided annually by Texas hospitals.