Women's ministry 2015-2016 opportunities

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Women’s ministry 2015-2016 opportunities Sunday










Small group studying Deuteronomy & Hebrews using book studies by Matthias Media.

Teaching Series from Bob Hopper, Mike Farley and others

Small group studying Deuteronomy & Hebrews using book studies by Matthias Media.

Large-group study of the Gospel of Mark led by Jamie Stowell, followed by three smallgroup options:

Small group using Tim Keller’s study Genesis: What were we put on the earth to do?

Home study book: The Lamb of God by Nancy Guthrie (extra cost for book upon start of home study).

ŸŸ Motherhoodfocused study of Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love ŸŸ King’s Cross by Tim Keller ŸŸ Nancy Guthrie’s The Lamb of God

Women’s Ministry

Name: Our lives are filled with busyness...jobs, errands, chores, family. While these may all be good things, there is often still a void, a desire for something more. At Central, we believe we were all made by God with a yearning to know and be known, both by the Creator and by one another. This fall, get connected and grow spiritually with other women through one of the many women’s ministry opportunities we offer. Enjoy community with women going through the same season of life challenges you are experiencing, or be encouraged across generations. Child care is available during each study except Fridays and pre-registration is required for Thursdays (contact Jamie Stowell). If you have any questions, or would like more information about any of our studies or small groups, contact: Jamie Stowell, Director of Women’s Ministry Central Presbyterian Church (314) 727-2777 [email protected] know

be known


make known

Email: Phone: I want to register for: Sunday morning study of Deuteronomy &

q Hebrews ($20 book fee)

q Tuesday Women in Ministry Wednesday evening study of Deuteronomy

q & Hebrews ($20 book fee)

Thursday Jen Hatmaker study

q ($16 book fee)

q Thursday King’s Cross study ($16 book fee) Thursday Nancy Guthrie study

q ($16 book fee)

q Friday Genesis study ($15 book fee) I want to help another woman attend by

q contributing a scholarship: $

Please submit your registration and send payment to: Central Presbyterian Church 7700 Davis Drive, Clayton, MO 63105