World's Last Chance facebook page!

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World's Last Chance facebook page!

Dearly Beloved of Yahuwah!!!!

We pray that you are being filled to overflowing with HIS abundant blessings!!!!! We just wanted to let you know that World's Last Chance has a facebook page! Here is the Link:

This should make it easier to help friends and family find the precious Truths of Yahushua that are being proclaimed here at World's Last Chance! You can "like" our facebook page at the very bottom of any World’s Last Chance page, below "Contact Us", if you have your own facebook account. You will then receive updates from WLC on your wall. Simply by you “liking” our page, the visibility of these MOST IMPORTANT End-time messages will be increased!!! What a tremendous help you can be to World’s Last Chance, and even more than that, to further the proclamation of Truth!!! Thank you so much, Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Yahushua!!! Let us all work together to get these URGENT messages out to this dying world!!!! Time is growing increasingly SHORT!!!!!! May our Blessed Heavenly Father YAH continue to cover all of you with His Grace, Guidance, Mercy, Protection, and LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Your brothers and sisters in Yahushua’s Service and Care, The WLC Team