Youth Covenant of Behavior

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Clear behavior expectations and rule compliance are necessary for a safe and positive mission trip All youth and their parents/guardians are required to agree to and sign this sheet Failure to comply with the rules will result in disciplinary action 1. I will treat all people and property with respect, including listening to and following instructions from adult leaders 2. I will fully participate in the activities of the week and follow the safety procedures 3. I will remain under adult supervision at every location and at all times 4. I agree to follow the Dress Code  

Work site: Sleeved shirts, long pants, boots Off the work site: (1) Tank tops without cutouts and straps at least two fingers wide; (2) shorts no shorter than the distance to the end of your thumbs when standing with arms at your sides; (3) no bare midriffs; (4) no t-shirts with offensive logos or sayings

5. I will not bully, harass, threaten or abuse anyone 6. I will not engage in sexual conduct of any kind 7. I will not bring a cell phone or electronics of any kind (including, but not limited to, iPods, iPads, laptops, kindles, portable CD, DVD or mp3 players). Knox is not responsible for loss or damage to electronics brought on Go and Serve. 8. I will not bring or use illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or vaping tools/substances 9. I will not bring or use weapons, fireworks, matches/lighters of any kind Consequences: I understand that failure to comply with the electronics rules will result in the device being confiscated and a day spent away from my work team. I understand that failure to comply with the Illegal Drugs and Weapons Rules will result in my being sent home immediately at the expense of my parent/guardian. I also understand and agree that I may be sent home at the expense of my parent/guardian if my behavior, in the sole judgment of the Go and Serve leadership, is contrary to the mission, safety, or purpose of Go and Serve.

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