dining room

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Dining room STARTERS Chilled gazpacho, confit cherry tomatoes, bloody mary sorbet, goats cheese, baby basil


Salt baked beetroot, goat’s cheese, rye bread wafer, beetroot vinaigrette


Mackerel tartar, marinated mouli, black olive, shallot rings


Ham hock ballotine, apple and mustard purée, piccalilli, sourdough


Beef carpaccio, candied hazelnuts, parmesan, rocket, horseradish ice


Hand dived scottish scallops, apple, bacon and butterscotch


MAIN COURSES Spring vegetable mille-feuille, carrot purée, cured egg yolk Pan fried sea trout, candied aubergine, sweet and sour fennel, black olive Roast duck breast, carrot, orange, red cabbage, spiced turnip Pan-fried whole lemon sole, spinach, new potatoes, caper and brown shrimp butter Roast rump lamb, artichoke, ratatouille veg, shepherd’s pie, lamb sauce Chateaubriand, potato fondant, green beans, red wine sauce

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SIDE ORDERS Green salad


New potatoes


Green beans


Triple cooked chips


Spring cabbage